Cartoon Car Trouble

Ok, turns out I lied the other day, I DID take a picture on our trip to Bellingham Washington the other day. I was emptying out my camera’s memory card and lo and behold I had forgotten this picture:
Cartoon cars at the US border

Some weird cartoon-like cars sitting on a trailer on the Canadian side of the Pacific Border crossing (truck crossing). One of the cards is like two logs with pointy fronts, kind of like Barney Rubble’s car but I *think* he only had one log? The other one looks like it would belong on some kind of Disneyland ride.

I’m curious what they are for.

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3 Responses to Cartoon Car Trouble

  1. geekmom says:

    My immediate hunch is that they were part of a film production. I see trailers with odd vehicles on them all the time around Burnaby and Vancouver. Just a few weeks ago, there was one across from my house (there is a 7-11 there), a 50s car painted up to look like a police car from Savannah.

  2. americanuck says:

    Yeah we both had the same thought but being so campy you’d think it would be some kind of cartoon brought to life or something like that. I was tempted to jump out of the car and run over to take a closer look!

  3. Tom says:

    My first thought was someone’s bringing The Wacky Races to the big screen, but none of these look like any of the ones from the cartoon.

    BTW I looked at the large photo and it looks like the pointy bits are the BACK of the wooden car. I still say it reminds me of a cartoon, just can’t remember which one…

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