Operation Snowball

Well I’m a few weeks out from my gallbladder surgery and still having some issues with healing.  The belly button incision seems to have sealed up good now and is healing without much more trouble (other than the new frowny shape of my bellybutton) There are some small lumps in the part that goes below the belly button which is still kind of red and sore but the one that has troubled me the most is the one in the upper middle abdomen.  It like the belly button was red and angry looking and then got goopy. The opening that formed has now sealed up once again but it is still sore and ITCHY as hell. I just wish this healing stuff was over. Trust ME to be one of the people whose body reacts funny to biological stitches.

In other news we had another snow day, this one worse that the last.

Snow Day 019

I’m grateful that my family all got home safely tonight, I heard the commute was a bear. I worry when they are out there whether walking or driving. I hate snow with the fire of a thousand suns, now if only that fire could melt this snowy shit. It’s supposed to get even frickin COLDER in the next few days which is nuts. I know I know I shouldn’t complain it snowed on the VEGAS STRIP for crying out loud. I’m still complaining though.

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