Kiss Me

Like I’ve said before I’m a marketer’s wet dream especially when it comes to make-up. If someone convincingly sells me something and it doesn’t totally break the bank I will try it, especially mascaras. I wasn’t blessed with naturally thick OR naturally long lashes, rather tiny, wimpy, scraggly, non-existent lashes so I’m always trying to find something that will enhance them without feeling all goopy or running off my face halfway through the day.

I’ve been a long time user of DÉFINICILS by Lancôme and I’ve been happy enough with it. It is on the pricey side but it does the job.  My beef with it as well as most mascaras is the relatively gloopy amount that ends up on the brush (when you have a hard time seeing up close without glasses this is NOT a good thing unless you like trying to dab up the boo-boos with Q-tips afterward) or how quickly it ends up drying up and flaking all over the place.

I decided to try Blinc “Kiss Me” mascara which I read some good stuff about. It runs around the $30 mark similarly priced to Lancôme but it says it isn’t a typical mascara. It doesn’t paint your lashes it surrounds them in a tube. These tubes coat the lashes and they say it won’t flake or rub off and doesn’t require make-up remover to take it off.

So far so good, I put it on today and it seems to pick up my pokey little lashes pretty well and I don’t feel it on which is a real plus for me cos I HATE the feeling of make-up.
Trying out Blinc mascara

To remove it the instructions say warm water and a little pressure to slide the tubes off. I guess I will see for myself later on.  Crossing my fingers I like this one cos it would sure be nice to find a mascara I can stick to.


Colour me sufficiently impressed! I ordered another tube so call me a Blinc convert.

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3 Responses to Kiss Me

  1. Natalie says:

    Hey! I wear Kiss Me Mascara and I love it! I have to say that first night I was a little skeptical about not using makep remover , but with two swipes of a wet towel (using only water of course) I looked down and there it was. Tiny little ‘tubes’ that resembled my lashes. The best part was absolutely no flaking or smearing and after working a 14 hour shift coming home not looking like a raccoon is definitely a plus!

    After a few months I heard about the Lash Primer. Before kiss me I used to use Dior Show, I love my lashes THICK, but it would ALWAYS smear so I switched. Using Kiss Me definitely gives me the length I need, but I longed for that thickness. So once I heard about the Primer, it’s supposed to make your lashes appear thicker (the tube forms around the lash and the primer) and it conditions them all day, I went out and tried it.

    I love the primer with the Mascara, and removing it is even easier now! It goes on white at first, but once you put the mascara over, its a dream how thick my lashes look! I dont want to get ahead of myself, but I bought the liquid liner too! I love how I can wash my face at night and remove my makeup all in one easy step!

    If you want to take a look at their other products the I’ll leave the website at the bottom of this. I’m curious to know how you liked the Kiss Me Mascara, hope you post again soon!!

    p.s. Here’s the website!

  2. Tom says:

    And speaking of wet towels, I absolutely love Bounty, the quicker picker upper! I think I’ll hop in my 2009 Chevrolet Impala (with the Flex Fuel-compatible engine) and run over to my nearest Safeway Store and pick up a roll, along with some Doritos Brand Tortilla Chips and wash it all down with some Barq’s (The rootbeer with bite!).

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