Bring on the Rain

I am a wimpy West-coaster.  I DO. NOT. LIKE. SNOW.

This is supposed to be the land of the green Christmas, bare roads and DUDE… RAIN.

I know, I know, to anyone who lives in the land of snow or grew up in it, this is probably nothing… but I’m a wimpy West-coaster. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. SNOW.

Today I stepped outside and lost my foot in the snow. I know it was down there somewhere.

Where is my foot?

Cars looked more like Sundaes minus the chocolate sauce.


Keep in mind this is AFTER the last snow fall had melted from the roads, 24 hours of white crap. Sighs.

More of this shit forecast to be on the way.

Have pity Mother Nature.

I am a wimpy West-coaster. I DO. NOT. LIKE SNOW.

(link courtesy of Tom)

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