Kicking away the snow

Kicking away the snow

Originally uploaded by Americanuck

Heeding the plea of the local authorities or at least doing my own little part, I walked down our street and kicked away the DEEP ASS snow away from the one sewer grate where I remembered the position of.

No idea where the rest of them are but one girl can only do so much without a shovel.

It was a bit of a chore, the snow down nearer the bottom was a tad solid but with some persistent kicking I was able to get through it down to the grate itself. Hopefully someone else will know where the rest of them are.

I also cleared the downspout that is right in front of our big window and the grate in the grass on the street side of our building but that one is ALWAYS overloaded with water, this area seems to have issues draining. It’s a good thing the drain is on a slope below our building rather than towards it.

M’kay Mother Nature this snow can officially SUCKIT!

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