Merry Christmas from the Family

We were walloped with another bad snow storm on Christmas Eve…which just kept coming and coming and coming…
xmas eve 2008 005
Which meant road conditions were BAD.

Tom had run out to the store early on that day to do my Mom’s groceries in the hopes that we could run them over to her place and then fetch her over here for dinner. Tom got the groceries, barely. He almost didn’t make it out of our cul-de-sac. I went for a walk-about to see what the conditions were like for myself.

Xmas Eve 013

Xmas Eve 001

Chris’ car which he had just driven the day before was again buried…
Xmas Eve 014

The snow even where it had been driven through before was EASILY up past my knee. I couldn’t even see my foot down there.

Xmas Eve 008

He made it back and reported that the main roads in our area were BAD and certainly hadn’t been plowed. Traffic was lighter too so there was not much wear from regular driving. There was no way we were going to be able to get to my Mom’s. That would mean negotiating some hilly terrain and the side street and her complex which would most likely be as bad as ours.

She was pretty understanding about it, albeit disappointed. She didn’t want anyone risking life and limb to drive an hour to her place and back. We kept whatever needed to be refrigerated in our fridge and the rest down in Tom’s car in the meantime.

I was working a short day, thankfully from home and after that I started the prep for our turkey dinner. It turned out pretty good, nice and moist, considering I am certainly no domestic goddess!

This was the year that the Boys were to spend Christmas Eve night at their Father’s place and at that point we weren’t even sure if that was going to be a possibility as the snow just kept coming down. We figured we would play it by ear and if need be we’d just have to trade and have them this year and him the next.  Ah the joy of divorce parenting.

We decided to stick with the norm for the years they went to his place anyway, and have the guys open their gifts after dinner. First we did the stockings and as usual Chris carefully and slowly opened everything and Sean POWERED his way through each item barely glancing in his hurry to get to the next. Tom brought the tradition of wrapping the stocking stuffers from his family which is really neat I think and makes it more fun. We’ve been doing it since he came into our lives.

xmas eve 2008 037

Another tradition we’ve carried on is to play a Christmas prank on the boys. In the past it’s been wrapping papering them into their section of our place and not letting them into the living room, gag gifts from thrift stores of really ugly Christmas sweaters, making them honorary elves and my personal favourite making them “sing” Christmas karaoke,which I might add had come as a relief as we had made them think they would have to perform some kind of dance in order to get their presents. Heh.

This year we took it easy on them, once for lack of time and two generally we only do these when we have them for Christmas morning. This year we had decided along with the personal gifts we would also get a family gift. Their job was to look for it using clues that my talented Hubby had made into short poems. Each one led them to another place to locate the next clue and finally to the location of the gift. They gamely played along, though I really think Chris enjoys this stuff a lot more than Sean.

xmas eve 2008 072

After tracking it from place to place they reach their final clue..

xmas eve 2008 081

and find the wrapped box in my decorative storage box..that nobody can figure out why I like and has been relegated to the dining room area by the Christmas tree.

xmas eve 2008 084

They are instructed to open it together and to their happiness they discover…

xmas eve 2008 086

Wee! A Wii! Sean claims he knew all along by our bad acting claiming we couldn’t afford to get a Wii. Hmmm.

After that, the spoiled rotten children opened their own gifts. Yeah we always tend to overdo Christmas, but we really don’t overspend during the year on “stuff” so whatever.

xmas eve 2008 117

xmas eve 2008 119

There were Wii games, an Ipod, a camera and so on and so forth. See, like I said, spoiled.

Tom and I also opened our gifts from the boys….

xmas eve 2008 138

xmas eve 2008 130

xmas eve 2008 132

After they inspected their bounty and I ran around gathering up paper like a Monica Geller “ahhhh mess mess!”  We checked out the weather (snow had stopped) and the main roads (wet) at about 10:00 pm that night and ventured out on the fairly short ride to their Father’s place. The main roads were ok, drivable now but MAN his road was a nightmare. The city never bothers with residential areas and the residents had shovelled their snow from their driveways which made tons of small walls taller than any car and there was ONE rut in the deep snow (too bad if  someone wanted to come the other direction).  We made it to his driveway without getting stuck, but after dropping them off they had to help push the car to get it going in the opposite direction. There was zero traction and if you lost momentum you were hooped. Thankfully we got going again and took a bean straight for home. NO way were we going anywhere else.

Once we got home we poured a drink..

xmas eve 2008 177

and decided to open our gifts to each other instead of waiting to morning so we could just SLEEP IN.

xmas eve 2008 159

xmas eve 2008 170

No, it wasn’t just the boys who got spoiled! These were just a couple of many gifts.

We also opened the movie gift we had received from sister Carol and family that had made it across the border so far, thanks guys! The fuzzy guy is “Squatchi” a mascot from the Vancouver 2010 games that I had been coveting for a while. Tom picked one up for me for Xmas ;)
xmas eve 2008 167

Rest of the picture set here.

The next day, the roads were better in the morning, fine snow was falling and more was expected later so we took advantage of the window and high-tailed it over to my Mom’s with her groceries, her presents (she was also royally spoiled) AND left over turkey. Turns out we made the right call, her complex was a MESS they hadn’t bothered to plow much and there was no walking path anywhere from the front door that she could possibly of navigated as both someone older, unsteady on their feet not to mention legally blind. I dunno what they are paying their property caretaker for there…our place doesn’t HAVE anyone but Strata folks and it was in a LOT better shape.

After that was taken care of we went home and played with our new toys. We didn’t go anywhere over Boxing Day either and instead played some Wii. Now THAT was funny.

As much fun as Christmas is, I’m never sorry to see the back of it this one especially because of the weather.

Today the snow is starting to melt. There is news of awnings and partial roof collapses in the news. This was record breaking snowfalls in a short period of time, in fact the whitest Xmas ever on record. This is the wet coast  after all, we’re not normally known for blizzards. Crazy.

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas from the Family

  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like you really got whacked with the snow. Glad it didn’t spoil the Christmas fun. Tom – I got the same TomTom! Merry Christmas all, and best wishes for 2009!

  2. americanuck says:

    Yeah this snow is kind of out of the ordinary in these parts! I had a small selfish reason for getting Tom the Tomtom (other than the name, heh) is that I suck at reading maps and this gets me out of it.

    Toooo many times has Tom handed me a map and said ” Find out where we are and how to get to (insert place here) #1 I can’t see very well without my glasses and #2 For most things I’m steel under pressure but not directions!

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