Happy Happy Happy

Well it is officially 2009. It was a quiet night round these parts, Tommy had to work and Chris and Sean were over at their Father’s. So when the clock hit midnight I chased down Cinnamon and Nutmeg and planted new year’s kisses on their furry and rather reluctant heads. Of course now they are avoiding me like the plague, especially Nutmeg who HATES being held never mind chased around before it.

So now I’m waiting for my lovely Husband to make it safely home all the way from downtown Vancouver. I was watching the news in solidarity (if he had to work it, I could watch it) that is until I found a Queen concert on PBS and then I switched back and forth, leaning a little more towards Queen. I loved Freddy M. RIP.

Sorry Honey.

So, while I wait, I have mixed myself a girlie Martini and I’m sipping it until Tom can join me for a toast to the New Year.  Our sixth wedding anniversary (wow how time flies!)  is coming up in a couple of weeks AND my (eep) 43rd birthday. How could I possibly be almost 43? I am still so immature!

Anyway, dear readers (some of you who I know and then there are the silent ones out there) to you I wish the happiest of New Years and thanks for stopping by now and then and listening to my drivel. Say hi sometime, don’t be shy!


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2 Responses to Happy Happy Happy

  1. Tom says:

    *avoiding eye contact* *toe in sand*


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