Ooh Wee

Or rather Wii!

The Boys got their first chance to play the Wii today, they’ve been itching all week over at their Father’s. They got to see the BOX on Xmas Eve as a little tease but that was it.

Soooo pretty much since Sean got here earlier today he’s been attached at the remote and oh big surprise when his brother came home they’ve BOTH been glued to it.

They’ve been chatting companionably, playing and trash talking and reminiscing about the good old days from the 90’s when they played “classic” games. Lordy.

When Chris was scrolling through the Wii online shop he was reading out the titles and got to Space Invaders. I was all like “SPACE INVADERS!!!  and I could hear the eye rolls from over here on the couch. Now we’re talking classic. Not as classic as like PONG (which my cousins had so I had serious PONG envy) Dude! Two lines and a blip were the coolest things I had ever seen in the 70’s! That and LAVA LAMPS! Mind you I still think Lava Lamps are pretty cool…


They worked their way through a few of the smash and crash games. The Mario, the Star Wars… and then they got into the Wii Sports and MAN they had fun. I had fun watching them and filming them. Chris was doing a little dance when he won the game (not knowing I was taking a movie) which was HILARIOUS but I’ve been forbidden to post it. I respect their wishes  when it comes to this stuff…but trust me it was funneeee

Here they are playing ball in stills though. That they allowed.

Wii! Baseball

Wii! Baseball

I have a feeling I won’t be getting the TV much this week… good thing there is also one in the bedroom. The CRAPPY one with the wiggly lines on it but still… if I need it, it is TV.  It is the bigger TV just the older one, we had to move our smaller bedroom TV into the living room when the wiggly lines started.

We so need to buy us a new flat screen, maybe now Freddy is paid off we can start saving for one.

Oh yeah! Freddy is paid off!

Freddy outside

Yeah, Freddy is my car. I love my Freddy. Back when I bought it late 2004, there weren’t that many on the roads. Now they are freaking EVERYWHERE and almost everyone bought MY colour. Oh well.

He’s mine free and clear and that feels great. I had dumped extra money on it every chance I got. Folks that is the thing to do, pay off liabilities and don’t buy what you can’t afford. Save for shit instead of impulse buying. Budget, budget, budget.

We are officially debt-free other than our Mortgage, which doesn’t really count. Woohoo!

We’re probably going to have to replace Tom’s car next but that’s okay, it is part of the cycle. In the meantime though, those car payments are gonna be banked now so wee! Or Wii?


Posting a screen cap of Chris’ reaction isn’t against the rules…. so wallah!

After the victory dance

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2 Responses to Ooh Wee

  1. Tom says:

    Shall I attempt to recreate the Chris Victory Dance on camera? I’ll let you post that! LOL

  2. americanuck says:

    Oooh yanno not a bad idea! lmao!

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