So Spoiled

Officially today is my Birthday. Yup I’m now 43 Yars of age. Yars just seems the right word when you start gettin’ up thar.

Tom’s working tonight and the brats are over at their Dad’s place so the actual huzzahing will be taking place at a later date. In fact, it needs to take place after we have Chris’ because damn we’re behind on all this, not to mention our anniversary is coming up. Ooops. Well, we will catch up, hopefully before Sean’s birthday! It is just hard with everyone’s schedules these days and throw in an operation, well that can really screw up plans.

So anyway, in order for Tom not to throw my gifts at me and run, he gave them to me last night. I was all caught in the Golden Globes for once they were actually quite good with people nominated who I know and you know, like and stuff. Oh may I just interject here how much I love Kate Winslet? Hurray on her wins! Yeah so back to my story. Tom scurries off to “prepare” and then after a while asks if I’m ready. Yeah! “Um, can you mute the TV?” Ooops sorry!

So I muted and out came Tom holding a number of gift bags and the minicam clutched in his other hand. He asked me to open then in a specific order.

The first yielded a Sigg water bottle, something that I had on my wish list from Xmas but he says he had a hard time finding. He did find a very groovy one I might add. Apologies for actually using the word groovy, it is not a part of my normal lexicon, however it fits for this particular bottle.

My groovy Sigg water bottle another present from Tom

After that came a bag containing a Wii game that was also on my list. Yay! Driving game! I still suck at the one I got for Christmas but I suck slightly less than I did the first time I tried. This game is officially from Sean. Chris called me to wish me a happy birthday and to let me know my gift is coming, what he wanted to get me wasn’t in stock so he’s waiting, so sweet! I have another gift to come.

The Wii game Need for Speed Undercover

The next contained a 4gig SDHC card. I don’t actually HAVE a picture of it, but it is what took these other photos… so there ya go. The card holds over a thousand pics on my little Canon Elf (an 8 MP camera) so that will last me, oh…maybe two days on our vacation. Heh.

Last, but not least I opened the fourth bag and holy cow! It contained a silver chain (which I needed for a couple of pendants I had bought which had come with chains that would be a choker on me with my fat stubby neck) and Tom had set for me a loose stone I’ve had since I was a little girl given to me by my Grandmother when I was in Scotland.  It was bought for her by my Grandfather, but she didn’t have any idea what to do with it. She said it was a Cairngorm and from my research the newer Cairngorms are smokey quartz but the older ones were a type of yellow topaz. It’s a large stone and had been tossed around in a jewel box loose when I was a kid. As I got older I put it in a proper case but it’s been through a lot. It wasn’t worth a lot of money or anything but has HUGE sentimental value for me.

A better shot of the band

The Cairngorm my Omma gave me (was a present to her from my Abbi). Tom had it set for me in a ring with some added diamonds on the band

It was put in a white gold ring on a delicate band with diamonds down the side which were an added touch from Tom, something I didn’t expect at all. They did a great job of it and it is surprisingly light even though it IS quite the knuckle duster. I’m not normally one for large jewelry but I always wanted one big piece and what is better that combining something from my family history into it?

The final box contained a total surprise. I had figured the ring was the main present because I mean come on! But no, he also gave me this gorgeous journey circle pendant and chain with Diamonds! Have I ever explained how much I love DIAMONDS? No? Well I DO! I DO!

OMG. Spoiled ROTTEN I am! I am so overwhelmed! AND! The luckiest chick in the world! Not for the presents, but for the wonderful Husband and Sons that I have. The presents are gravy.

Thank you sooooooooooo much Honey for the bestestestest birthday ever!


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7 Responses to So Spoiled

  1. LeBlanc says:

    Hey happy birthday!

  2. Linda says:

    OMG you are one treasured lady!!! Wow, you have such a great husband – almost as wonderful as mine LOL!! :-)

  3. Sue says:

    Happy birthday! Wow, Tom is a gem in his own right! You’re still a young thing. I’m looking at the big 55 in a couple of weeks.

  4. americanuck says:

    Thanks Sue! Tom IS a gem alright! I’m a lucky lucky lady.

  5. Tom says:

    Folks, let’s get one thing straight here…I’M the lucky one!!!! ME ME ME LUCKY LUCKY LUCKYYYY!!!


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