Dinner with his Family

Well, we’re a little more caught up on our celebrating. Just shy of two months after the fact we finally had Chris’  Birthday dinner tonight.


A night which also happens to be Tom and my 6th wedding anniversary (awwww). Yes, 6 years ago today we were standing in the living room of a local JP and Tom was assuming the position.. THIS position.

ceremony Scan10062 -2003

I didn’t notice his nervous pose until I was putting together some photos for Tom’s Mom on a DVD it is in EVERY picture until he has to hold my hands. Heh. I like to tease Tom that this is his “I’m trying to keep myself from running away” pose.

Tom brings me home some really gorgeous flowers. This is the second time since we’ve been married.  I think he’s doing it so I can’t sing that Neil Diamond/Barbra Streisand song to him anymore.

Anniversary flowers awwwww

It was such a big bunch I had to crack out a second vase..


Aaand apparently we’re conjoined now. I don’t know when it happened…


We do have some kind of bizarre mind meld. I’m not sure if it is being so much alike in so many ways that our minds are always traveling down the same path, but more often than not we are sharing the same thought. The boys think it is spooky because we will speak the exact same words at the exact same time or finish each others…. “sandwiches.” (Arrested Development) The other night as I was putting stuff away in my drawers I started singing R-A-G-G-M-O-P-P rag mop (doodelee do da doo doo) where the fuck that came from I have no idea. Tom gapes at me in surprise. He asks if I had been singing it earlier and I said no. Turns out he had been singing the same tune in his head just before in the other room. Ok, well at the time it was all like oooooh.

So yeah, back to the dinner. It was the Keg. Big surprise, Chris picks a steak house. He ordered himself a beer, even pulled out his ID in case he was carded. He wasn’t. Tom joked that when they stop asking you feel REALLY OLD, Chris points out that “Mommy and Daddy” were there and didn’t object so maybe she felt safe in not asking to see his ID. Now, when he WANTS to whip it out (the ID of course) because there isn’t that whole embarrassing red BAND across it indicating the driving newbie, nobody asks. Psh whatever. Welcome to the old club boy, it just gets better from there.

The youngest..
This one ^^^ the one who it turns out HASN’T been wearing his retainer regularly and now has to wear the bottom part full time for a month to shove them back into position and has to have a NEW upper mold to retain the slight movement that not wearing it regularly has caused? The one whose mouth is worth the equivalent of a small car? Oh, and another $100 on top of that now to pay for new molds and new uppers? Yeah that one. Grrr.

He forgets his retainer at the restaurant. Rotten kid. Luckily though, they found it. In retrospect Tom said maybe he should have tipped the poor soul who had to pick it up (and good thing for us turn it in cos hello? Half a retainer is another $50 bucks to pay). Maybe it was the waitress? In that case she was tipped well we’re good tippers. Whoever you are, thank you and because of you he gets to live another day, so thank you from him too.

Next dinner out is my Birthday, my choice of restaurants. Red Robin California Chicken burger come to Mamma.

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