Memories Fade

I used to LOVE it when my parents would bring out the old slide projector and we’d make an evening out of looking at the past. Most of my childhood is in slides, my Dad didn’t start printing photos until I was around 11 so it was my only opportunity to see myself as a baby and my parents, well, younger. I would sit there so impatiently when the bulb in the ancient projector would get too hot and the slides would start sticking necessitating a break in the action.

I remember the screen had that funny vinyl smell and that metallic shhhzzzzipppp sound it made sliding across the rollers when being set up. Inevitably there were a slide or two that had been put into the trays upside down and were probably upside down the LAST time they were shown, still it would always make us laugh and we’d tilt our heads to try and see it better.

When my Dad died I inherited the slides and temperamental projector and they pretty much languished in boxes for years. I would on occasion pull out a tray or two and hold some of the slides up to the light and squint, but really other than the one time I tried to use the projector without much success (seriously this thing is OLD) I hadn’t seen these photos in years.

What I did notice though was they were aging badly. Many of them had faded to practically nothing or had burn marks or some other type of spots on them and I was starting to feel the urgency in getting them scanned to avoid losing them forever. I had looked into getting them professionally scanned but holy cow, that is NOT cheap, especially with all the post-processing they would need. Yeah I know, you can’t really put a price on memories, but we sure could come up with another solution.

We ended up buying a scanner, a HP Scanjet G4050 to be exact, which is slide and negative capable and I’ve been really happy with the results. I went through the bags and boxes of slides and found there were ones I had NEVER seen before which was awesome. I found several birthday party photos which I posted to Facebook to torture some old friends I’ve gotten back in touch with and we’ve had quite the laugh. I spent several nights loading, cropping and colour fixing a bunch of different scans. Some of them still need some touching up but no worries, at least they are backed up now.

Once I’m done with the slides I’ve got some great old photos that my Dad took in large format negative that I’m going to also have a chance to scan and I’m really looking forward to seeing them as well. There are no prints at all for some of these and many of the prints that were made are in pretty bad shape.

Here are a random sample of the slides:

Proud new parents of yours truly. Sadly a nice burn mark, most likely from the projector bulb years ago. I can probably do some cloning to fix that up at some point.

Me and Mom 1966
My Mom and me before we moved to the house on the apartment balcony. Of course I have no memories of this place, we moved out before I was 18 months old.

Daddy studying his camera’s manual (which I now own)

Take me to your LEADER
Me getting my hair dried in the seriously hot torture device my Sister and I HATED. I used to pretend I was an astronaut to get through it.

Mah 3rd birthday
My Third birthday, where my Sister looks to be plotting my demise but in actual fact she was sick. She didn’t hate me yet, that came later when she hit her teens.

My Sister and me at Second Beach in Vancouver. I HATED the short skirts we had to wear. We were very often dressed alike which had to suck more for her as we are almost 7 years apart in age. A few examples:


How mod

Me and my wry smile

The photo above is I think, my favourite photo of me that I found. I see my adult self so much in the expression on my face.

Elma and Me
My Cousin and me holding our stuffed toy beavers. I know how cliche right? Well she was visiting from Scotland so they had to buy a “Canadian” souvenir and I got one as well. Me never to leave well enough alone dressed mine up in some kind of beaver drag.

OMG It's Lisa Loopner!
I can’t leave out my LOVELY Lisa Loopner years… this would have been well into the 1970’s and I was wearing glasses that had to be circa 1950 something. Ugh.


I couldn’t leave out the above picture. I mean come on. Red and white checkered shirt, green, orange and yellow tartan elastic waist banded bell bottoms and a purple purse? I be STYLIN’!

Fortunately I dress a little better these days, well at least my outfits don’t consist of various test patterns.

Honestly this has been a GAS for me and totally worth the hours of work. I don’t think I would have had nearly as much fun if I had bitten the bullet and paid for someone else to do it. If you’ve got any old slides or pictures laying around don’t delay another minute DO something about it to save the memories before you lose them. I’m so glad I did.

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3 Responses to Memories Fade

  1. Sue says:

    You guys have really inspired me. I spent the evening scanning old pics and called my sister to see if she had our dad’s old slides. Not only does she have them, but she got a scanner for Christmas that processes slides, so we’re in business. Now I just have to dedicate a weekend to the task!

  2. americanuck says:

    Cool! Good for you! Isn’t it fun? Work yes, but fun to really LOOK at these old photos. I’m one of those dorks that like looking at pictures and don’t roll my eyes when someone pulls out a photo album.

  3. Sue says:

    I’m that kind of dork as well, which is how I got into scrapbooking. Now I’m addicted.

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