More Than Television

Yeah. Well.  We caved.


Yeah that giant mofo is now sitting across from me assaulting my eyes with its speedy movie screen like motion. It is going to take a while for my eyes to adjust to said movements not to mention the size and clarity of this behemoth. It will be a party however to never hear again that crackling noise that was coming out of the speakers of our back up TV.  The main TV gave out ages ago filling half the screen with wiggly lines so we took the bedroom TV out into the living room. The bedroom TV was even smaller than the old main TV. So this new one looks absolutely flipping ENORMOUS by comparison.

The purchase of the new baby was an adventure. The store was too damn hot even the back of my knees felt sweaty.  Either they still had the temps set for the frigid weather we were experiencing a few weeks ago, or like Sean said, maybe it is a conspiracy to get you make impulse decisions to get out of the heat. Boy they sure don’t know us very well. There isn’t an impulse bone in our bodies.

After doing some initial research online Tom had an idea which direction he wanted to go and what size but the inevitable wander and stare instinct took over. We waffled, we queried, we stared some more… all under the watchful gaze of the predatory commissioned sales dude. A few sharks circled when he was off helping other more decisive customers but we stayed loyal to our shark and waited for him when it came time to ask yet more questions.

He spoke directly to Tom about all the technical aspects of the TV and when it came time to include me in the conversation it was all “Oh well you have to bring the wife along to give the OK on the looks, when she says it’s ok then you know you are good to go”.  Ok, can we say sexist? Ummm yeah hello all I’m good for is to say how CUTE it is? After giving the guy a withering stare and holding back every comeback that popped into my head I told him through my teeth that I didn’t give a crap, they all basically look the friggin same and then disengaged from the conversation.

So after agonizing over the decision we picked a 42 inch Sharp Aquos LCD. Pretty friggin sweet. I am just happy we finally picked one!

Today Tom did some running around and picked up a new entertainment stand and called up the cable company and got us hooked up with the HD digital cable.

So now there are a couple of remotes to figure out, a PVR (yay!) and more channels than we know what to do with. Oh what problems to have right?

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