Colour Me

I was wanting to kick it up a notch with the hair colour. All those nasty silver effers were starting to poke through again (one of the side effects of working from home is letting stuff like dying your hair regularly slip…oops). It’s not like I have a HEAD full or anything but hey, I’m all for fooling with nature.  So I decided to try and go a bit more red.

I’ve ALWAYS dyed my hair, even when I didn’t need to because I was so bored with my own colour.  As a kid it was kind of a golden brown, in the summer LOTS of gold streaks but as I got older it got darker and darker and DARKER. I’ve taken a number of risks with my hair over the years some I wished I could take back the minute I did em (like my brilliant decision to cut all my hair off in high school) but eh, I figure its just hair it will grow out. I’ve streaked, I’ve gone Lucille Ball red (another mistake I might add) and gone almost jet black (can we say Snow White?) but lately I’ve stuck with the same old colour from Feria. It took my hair up a couple of shades and added a fairly decent red to but I wanted to go a bit more red, not bright red, just a rich red.

I ventured out to the local drug store and pondered the various brands and found one that guaranteed a “natural” result in the  Garnier Belle Color line. Cool. I hate ending up looking like fruit as ‘natural’ as that is.  The shade was called reddish brown and looked pretty nice on the box BUT the box represented the shade a lighter haired person would achieve which I knew was out of the qustion. But I figured it would take my hair up a shade or so like my Feria, but eh, not so much….Usually the boxes LIE about what your hair will look like after but this one was pretty close to what it said I would get.  So that’s what I get for not trusting the Belle Color people I guess.

Reddish brown? More like umm just brown

That being said, I’m not sure where the red is hiding in there but it kinda looks brown to me. Brownish brown in fact. As brown as the shirt I was wearing it turns out. Maybe it will brighten up a bit once I’ve done a few washes. We’ll see. I’m not over the moon about the colour but I don’t hate it.

So I guess I will try again in another few months once the greys start making their wirey little selves known again.

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One Response to Colour Me

  1. Spino says:

    very very charming glance!
    you are a good subject of human being.

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