Mother May I

It’s Mother’s day today. What? You didn’t know this? Well it is around these parts.

Kodak Zi6


I’d been drooling over the idea of a pocket video camera and was waffling between the Flip and that little Kodak Zi6 number in my hands up there ^^ you can see which won. Tom had asked if I wanted it for Mother’s Day and then mentioned our track record of us liking something, putting off buying it and it then no longer being available and twisted my arm to go get it NOW (instead of May). It took a LOT of twisting (not). I ran out to get it today.

I think the major selling point for me was the expandability (SDHC compatible) and not reliant on internal memory (I mean as many SD cards you have you can use yanno?) it is a nice shape and size, fits nicely in my palm and well, it’s PINK! It also comes with rechargeable batteries and it’s own little mini charger. They are charging as we speak so I haven’t used it yet.

We have our digi mini camcorder we got with our Airmiles which has more of the big bells and whistles and really is quite small in itself! But this one is purse size and it will stay in my purse along with my pink Canon Elf.

So thank you to my lovely husband for the gentle push, now I can geek out over another toy.

Kodak Zi6

Kodak Zi6

Kodak Zi6

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4 Responses to Mother May I

  1. LeBlanc says:

    Mother’s Day in February. Next thing you’ll tell us that Thanksgiving is in October or something. Sheesh! BTW, my fave holiday ever?…Victoria Day. Honestly.

  2. americanuck says:

    Normally I’m pretty patient and will wait until the ACTUAL holiday but hey, when Hubby says to get something I want now instead of waiting months? I’m all over that!

    Now I’m thinking of moving Christmas to June!

    I remember you writing about Victoria Day but I had to search again as to why!

  3. Tom says:

    Folks, the actual conversation went something like this:

    B: I went to Staples to check out that Pink Kodak, it’s DEFINATELY something I would like and it fits in my hand!

    T: Yanno, I think you should–

    B: …run right back there and buy it NOW instead of waiting? Yes! Good idea! We’ll call it…um…an early Mother’s Day gift! Right! I’m off! Bye!

  4. americanuck says:

    You neglected to mention my hip checking you on my way out the door. Outta my way SUCKA!! Woot!

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