Seeing Things

My Mother had her hip surgery and her heart rate appears to be back to normal again. She’s suffering from a bit of “Teh Crazy” as I call it, some hallucinations and some major ornery behavior. She was convinced they are trying to either kill her or perform some kind of nefarious scientific experiments on her. Part of her I suppose realizes that she’s talking nonsense but another part, the stronger part it seems is believing it. She had yanked out her main IV line in her neck and when the nurses tried to put a bandage on it she fought them off and they called here. Seriously. What are they expecting me to be able to do? She calls here with her conspiracy theory calls and tells me to call the police and get her out of there. When I tell her she is in the hospital because she needs to be and they are NOT trying to kill her (or experiment on her) she gets mad and hangs up on me. Needless to say this hasn’t been a rose garden.

When we were there last night visiting, she was talking about the various nurses and out of nowhere she says “Oh there is a fish!” Tom and I exchanged glances and I asked “Umm fish?”

“Yes, right there” she said pointing “swimming there as large as a salmon” and then just goes on talking about the nurses. I’ve been on meds before at the hospital and I really don’t remember seeing things and I was one some good doses of morphine. All I remember if the feeling of pressure and heat when it was shot into me, that and feeling REALLY sleepy.

They say that is a combination of a few factors, being older, post-surgical, medication and a little already ingrained paranoia that can cause it.  She’s only had a couple of light physical therapy session so far, which amounted to curling her toes and sitting on the edge of the bed for a while. They also had her stand but only put the weight on her ‘good’ leg. They don’t want her putting the weight on the surgical leg yet. They are also keeping her on blood thinners and having her sit up and do deep breathing to avoid blood clots and pneumonia, the two major complications after this type of surgery, particularly in older people.

We’re taking a break from the hospital visits this weekend, even she can see how exhausted I am right now. She had two of her friends visit her today so that helps. I just wish MORE of them would go by.  I kept hearing from various people they were planning to visit but it’s had been mostly talk. Nice to phone and all but seriously if you are that concerned drag your butt to see her yourself yanno?

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