Care Full

Mum is doing much better cognitive-wise the last few days which is good to see. I’ve been talking with the lovely hospital Social Worker who has been to see her and understands the challenges that she is going to face. She’s working with us to get Mum properly looked after once they feel she’s medically sound. She’s not mobility sound however and we’re not really sure what the end result will be there, but she’s understanding what’s what and that she’s going to need hands on care for some time to come.  Simple tasks such as getting out of bed requires two strong people.

They will continue to work with her to try and get her as mobile as she can be, that’s all we can hope for really. My far away family has been very supportive with emails which has been nice. We’ve been isolated here from the extended family for years. My Dad moved to Canada sometime in the 50’s and my Mom since I believe ’64.

Having “the talk” about the care she’d need was something that I had been dreading. See my Mum never saw herself as getting older despite all the challenges she already had, it was everyone else that was getting older. Nothing wrong with thinking young but as I said sometimes your body has a whole other idea and when it talks you really have to listen to it and take the help when you need it.  It really went well actually she’d been thinking about it herself I think since the Social Worker greased the wheels for me and she put a positive spin on it too, thinking about how she may be able to cheer up some of the “old wifey’s”  that need some cheering and the social aspects being around more people.  This isn’t an easy time for anyone, particularly my Mum. We still have to work our way through this transition.  I must say though it has really made me think about my own future and have made it very clear to my boys that they shouldn’t ever feel bad if they are to face this situation with me. I know they still will,  but anything  can do to make it less traumatic I will.

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One Response to Care Full

  1. Sue says:

    Here in the States there seem to be more and more senior care facilities popping up which are a much nicer alternative to the traditional nursing home. My mom was in a facility for seniors with Alzheimer’s until She got to the point where she needed more extensive medical care. Ed’s dad is in a beautiful senior facility where he has his own apartment, but there is help available if he needs it. I hope you have alternatives available as well. Since you have some time, just keep looking until you find a place that feels right.

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