Carry On

I think there is some kind of unwritten rule that when you don’t have change to get a buggy at the grocery store and you think to yourself  “Hmm I only need a few things anyway so I can make do with the basket” you always end up overloading said basket and then carrying TWO baskets.

Fortunately for me I wasn’t alone hauling the stuff around the Save On, Tom was with me.  Once the one basket turned into two baskets we each carried one. Tom kept trying to take the heavier one from me. As I was carrying the second basket as it was filling up he would periodically take it from me measuring the weight to make sure. As we neared the end of our mental lists I realized I didn’t have any veggies for Saturdays’ dinner and Tom grabbed both baskets so I could pick through the produce, then I remembered we also needed bread. Of course bread is way the hell over on the OTHER side of the store. Tom went off to get the bread and was there and back by the time I had figured out what I wanted from the produce aisle.

Making our way to the check stand I had a few other items pop into my head (isn’t that always the way?!) so I went back and forth while Tom stood in line.  One of said items was a case of those little mini bags of chips for my Mother. She’d asked for some “snackeries” as she likes to call them and chips made the list. They case wasn’t heavy (I mean it’s chips!) but kind of awkward shaped and really didn’t fit very well on the  check stand’s conveyor belt so Tom kinda balanced it as the cashier worked her way through our order.

While he was paying I grabbed up a bunch of the bags and the case of chips shoved under my arm. Tom seeing this asks me to hand it to him as we were leaving the store (ever the gentleman) and I insisted I was perfectly fine and we made our way into the mall heading to the exit.

See I have to set this up a little, Tom ALWAYS carries stuff for me. If there is one bag to be carried Tom will insist on taking it. If there are six bags and he can manage them all he will take them before letting me carrying anything. Of course I’m always grabbing to take my share and he all but chases me down to snag them from me as I jog away shielding them with my body going “NOOOO I’M FINE REALLY!!!!!!”

I decided to have a little fun with Tom on the way out.

Me out loud: “Geez I can’t believe you are making me carrying all this stuff! This is REALLY heavy and awkward!”

Tom in an anxious voice under his breath: “See!! I told you! Here give it to me”

Me in a not so quiet voice:  ” I mean REALLY look at you, you’re carrying all the lights stuff.. is that POPCORN in your bag?!?! Oh my God I’m carrying all this heavy stuff and you’re carrying POPCORN!?”

Tom looking around at the faces turning our way: “Here give it to me!!!!”

Me: “No… no….. that’s fine, don’t worry about meeeeee…. I will keep on carrying it…”

We exit the mall at this point and I’m killing myself laughing after trying hard to keep my voice steady and my face serious.  I say ” Damn I should have been louder only got a few faces turning to look.”

At this point Tom’s laughing too, he knows torturing him is one of my favourite passtimes. Not the painful kind of torture just the funny kind of torture, or at least funny to me kind of torture.  Hey, he knew this going in and married me anyway so don’t feel too sorry for him. The SUCKERRRRR!!!

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