Rise Above This

When I became single again back in the late 90’s I had a pretty hard time finding a decent place to live. One that I could not only afford, but was also close to schools for the boys and in a safe area. I scoured the paper for weeks before lucking out and finding a ground floor suite in a house in what turned out to be a nice area with a school mere steps from our front door.

Even better my landlords were fantastic. After getting to know me, they treated me like family and on their MANY world trips gave me run of their place (and their satellite television) to keep their spoiled rotten cat company. Despite a rotating string of  annoying neighbours across the hall from me in the other suite I was very happy there.

After Tom and I married (and he was FINALLY allowed to immigrate here) he moved in and we stayed there for another seven months until the landlords had to sell the house and we took the leap and bought the place we live to this day.

We got snow.. lots of snow

Our cars parked outside the house the first snowy winter Tom lived here.

Years later we were playing with Google Earth and having fun typing in various addresses to look at what the neighbourhoods looked like from above. We typed in our former address and to our surprise saw this:


Our cars! Still there! And Famous! Umm perhaps time to update the old satellite imagery from  that neck of the woods guys? We haven’t lived there since 2004 (nor have I owned that car since then either)!

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