Hangin’ ‘Round

Hey  lookie lookie!….

They're back....

And I was starting to lose heart. Cos last year despite the promise of 2007.. there was a dearth of door decorations in 2008 to entertain my small mind. But fear not,  it would seem our neighbour has gone wild and picked up a new one for Easter 2009.

We live in a building with an unusually high ratio of seniors which has it’s challenges/benefits.  I mean they do blast the Perry Como but hey, the wild parties end at 4:00 pm.

I keed I keed.

Truly, most of the people here are very sweet. I’ve got my favourite new guy who sold his property out Chilliwack way and bought a place here to share with his little Yorkie mix who I think is named Duncan or was it Douglas?  Hmmm some kind of “D” name anyway. Watch it be Bob. I’m bad with names.

Then there’s Jo-Jo’s (the Westie’s) Mom, who is a wee bit of a drama queen but never lacks for a story. For instance she told me she quit smoking for her health. Not the traditional health reason, oh no… it was because she burned off her eyebrows while lighting a cigarette off her kitchen stove (!) Um. Yeah.

Notice I know (or think I know) their DOG’S names. Not the actual neighbour’s names.  I’m social that way.

Well to be fair I’m fairly certain they don’t know my name either.

So yeah, the door decorations… I really hope she keeps it up this year and maybe throws up something nice for the Summer season once Easter is over.

Now only if the lady across the hall would admit  it is no longer Christmas and take those bells down.


(as seen through the peephole)

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2 Responses to Hangin’ ‘Round

  1. Linda says:

    LOL!!! That is too funny about the eyebrow burning! I am the same way – know the dog’s name but not the persons name. Such social creatures we are eh??!!

  2. americanuck says:

    Most of the time I like the dogs better anyway!!

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