All I Wanna Do

We are happily starting to plan our next family vacation. We missed out on Aptos at Spring Break this year (boo!) and we hemmed and hawed about various options for summer vacation and Cali beckoned the strongest. It is quite a bit cheaper flight-wise than trying to get all four of us to Florida and the whole need to travel during hurricane season thing too kind of put that out of contention for this trip.

We  wanted to book somewhere  near the coast to enjoy a beachy atmosphere on our down time and still be near enough to DISNEYLAND and all those other touristy type places without putting up with a major haul.  We think we found a pretty awesome place so fingers crossed!

Now the accommodation are nailed down the search for flight and rental car heats up. We’ve got quite a lot of Alaska Airlines points (we’re pretty loyal to them) so we’re seeing if traveling on points is an option OR if we can use the companion fare thingie Tom gets every year for his Alaska credit card.  In the end it’s not only about saving money but also what flight works out to be the best time-wise. If we don’t end up using our points there is always a chance we can use them later to sneak away for a “just the two of us” trip.

Regardless, the inevitable resurfacing of the vacation spreadsheet is at hand.

I don’t think July could possibly come soon enough for me at this point. I have booked 3 weeks off work all together for fun (something I have NEVER done before so I don’t even know what that feels like!) so I will have some time before and after the trip to just hang out at home. It will still leave me four weeks vacation time to book so looks like it will be the same as last year..a week a month off until the end of the year.  No matter it’s all good. Gives me something tangible to look forward to and I need that right about now with all the stuff that’s gone on.

In the meantime. I’m focusing on work to see this project through to launch with that little glimmer of California sun spurring me on.

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