On The Hunt

Easter 2006:

Easter egg hunt 2006 - Success!

Easter 2009:


What a difference 3 years makes what, what?!

What doesn’t change however, despite the years going by.. is the competitive nature of the egg hunt. This has been going on since Sean could walk, before then Chris got em all and it wasn’t nearly as much fun.

In recent years the competition is, shall we say, more fair. Chris has four plus years on his brother so initially his superior egg hunting skills and his “neener neener” dance would aggravate his brother to no end. For a few years after that  it became a crazed, running, shoving and giggling grudge match.


Nowadays it is more civilized but no less about egg bragging rights.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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They did great, pretty much a clean sweep we figure. At best it could have been a tie as I think they only missed one egg. It was hiding in the kitchen but to be fair and fallen a bit further in the container than it had intended to be which made it harder to find.   I mean we get creative with some of the hiding places, but nothing that would require their grubby paws all over my cooking implements yanno?


At least this year I won’t be finding eggs until Summertime!

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