Another Year Goes By

Once upon a time there was a little boy who turned one years old and ate lots and lots of cake….

Sean's first birthday

Well that was 16 years ago (minus one day), cos now the boy is 17 and holy man does this make me feel OLD! I mean geez didn’t he just turn 16 like a second ago? Where is this time going? He’s my BABY for crissakes!

Sean’s turned into a lovely almost-man though, funny as hell too. He gets that from me and Tom. heh. Did I also mention he’s a spoiled brat? Between us all we bought him an Xbox 360.

Sean's Birthday

I mean they just got a Wii at Xmas along with all their own personal spoils. They’ve had pretty much ever “vidya” game console known to man and I’ve lost plenty of TV watching time as a result. TG for multiple TVs now! He’s got it all set up in our office and has yet to emerge. When he does his eyes will be square I’m sure.  He is, at the same time mind you, Facebooking and chatting with his friends, watching TV AND playing a game, I’m betting after some time goes by I will hear the electric guitar too.

Sean's Birthday

Happy Birthday Monkey Boy. I love you a lotalotalotalot.

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6 Responses to Another Year Goes By

  1. Sue says:

    The girls must be flocking at the door. Sean has that rock star look for sure!

  2. americanuck says:

    He’s had a few girlfriends this year but shhh don’t tell him that I keep hoping he will cut the hair! LOL

  3. Sue says:

    Both my boys went through the long hair phase as well as tails, mohawks, etc. I figure it’s their hair, and as long as it’s clean, I don’t care. I think Sean’s actually looks pretty cool, especially in that last picture!

  4. americanuck says:

    Ahhh I wish EVERYTHING was clean including the bedroom! Yeah I kind of went through a few hair phases myself, including this lovely look and all kinds of bad perms and interesting colour choices. Still, I love to see more of his face and smile. heh.

  5. Sue says:

    OK – that’s pretty funny! Did your dad appreciate the rebellion?

  6. americanuck says:

    Oh my gosh no, he always wanted a boy but not a girl with a boy haircut! I started working shortly after that and paid for my bad perms and haircut from other people ;)

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