Grease (is the word)

In preparation for a little mini trip down south a’shoppin’  this coming Wednesday, Tom had the oil and transmission fluid serviced at one of those lube places.

View from the passenger seat

At first we were at the back so there was little to do except read and try to breathe through the fumes, but as they were finishing up they had him move his car up to the front bay to finish up. This gave us a view of the street and the goings on there, and hey look,  thar be hookers working just off the main drag towards the residential area in that neighbourhood.

Hookers in residential neighbourhoods

Granted, this isn’t the nicest area of town (cough) but still. Broad daylight and these dudes are driving their nice cars, slowing down and picking their girl (there was a few to choose from it would appear) and driving off. All I can say is ew. My sister used to work in a store where a toothless, dirty and sweatpants wearing hooker stood outside. She said you wouldn’t believe all the nice cars that came by for her services, some with baby seats in the back. Ew.

During that oil change I snapped a picture of Tom reading his book….
Tom's unintentional impression of Mr. Whipple

It wasn’t until I was downloading the pictures from my camera that I noticed Tom’s unintentional impression of Mr. Whipple sans the package of Charmin. See?….

mr whipple

Yeah, “The Whipplemeister” doesn’t have a goat but you gotta admit…. lmaooo

After we were done at the lube place, we headed out to buy some more jeans for Tom and Sean. The wind was whipping my hair around and I tried to catch a picture of it..

Of course by the time I got my camera out the wind stopped cooperating. To top it off this picture makes me look like I have fangs and a skin discolouring condition. Oh well.

Today we’re finally going to walk down to check out a small lake in the area that supposedly has ducks, beavers and other types of wildlife. We didn’t even know it was there until one of our neighbours told me about it a few weeks ago. Yeah we’ve only lived here for what? Five years?

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One Response to Grease (is the word)

  1. Tom says:

    Wow, this is quite the full-spectrum blog, Hon!

    …hookers and whipples and hair (oh my!)

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