Mother + Nature

A few weeks ago Chris announced that he was combining my Birthday present with Mother’s Day (what he had intended to buy me never came in stock since back in January) and I said sure! I mean for me I’m just glad they remember yanno? I’ve always been the typical Mom where the handmade stuff or the nice gesture (cleaning up before being asked that kinda thing) was a nice way to thank Mom. Momming is hard work y’all.

Leading up to the big Mom Day Chris was alternating between stressing over what he wanted to get all the way to giddy “I can’t wait until you open it”-ness. I thought it was cute and I assured him that I would love whatever he gave me because it was from him.  And I mean that, again I’m glad they remember. It’s sweet.

So Sunday finally rolled around and I got to see what he was so excited about.

Mother's Day/ Bday present from Chris!

Boy bought me a ring!

He looked so pleased with himself and then said, “it’s small .. is it too small?”  I told him it could be completely microscopic and I wouldn’t care, I was so incredibly touched that he would do this.  He remembered my Mom telling him about the ring I bought her when I was young and I’ve since teased him about.. SO DUDE WHERE ARE MY GEMS!?!?!

So I laughed and told him he was off the hook now. ;)

Mother's Day/ Bday present from Chris!

He even cracked a smile for Mother’s day IN A PICTURE! Miracles!

I had already received my Tom and Sean present (the Kodak pocket cam) a while back and which I also lurrrrve. In other words my guys are awesome and I’m spoiled!

Tom and I also went for a wee walkabout and found the little nearby park I’ve heard about from the neighbours. It’s basically a pond formed off a creek which then turns back into a creek but true enough it had ducks and turtles and an honest to goodness Canadian Beaver. We didn’t SEE the beaver, but the dam sure enough was there and tons and tons of beaver damage on the trees. It is amazing to see how their chewing can bring down some pretty substantial sized trees. How bizarre too, to think of a beaver in these parts. I somehow picture them out in the wilds more than in the city.

Oh Dam!

Need a sign that says "Beaver was here"? Man they sure can chew
Beavers (ok their damage)

Beaver chewing!

and duckies!

and turtles! (oh my)


The sky was overcast so the lighting was meh for taking pics but we will have to make an effort to head down on a nicer day and try our luck another time.

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One Response to Mother + Nature

  1. Sue says:

    What a beautiful gift! Great boy you got there!

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