Warm and Fuzzy

It is the Victoria Day long weekend which means THREE DAY WEEKEND BABY! Well for most of us anyway (sorry Hon!) Sadly though, this is the last day of it. Where did it go?!?!?!

Mother Nature cut us a bit of a break and gave us some filtered sunshine on Sunday so we headed back down to the local pond, this time with Sean in tow. He wanted to see the turtles, and turtles we did see. In fact we saw the turtles both sunning and swimming. It would appear turtles startle easily. Turtles are chicken. I hear they taste like chicken too.

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The baby ducks were nowhere to be seen, I hope this means they were staying out of the sun rather than being turned into Hawk Tapas.

The weather allowed for photos with a bit more colour in them which was a LOT more inspiring, though you end up taking pictures of pretty much the same thing each time!


I alternated between my pink Canon Elph and the larger Canon A640 depending on what I was aiming for. I have to say the Elph is a sweet little camera. Though it lacks a lot of the flexibility with manual settings it does give me some nice rich pictures. I’m thinking I will take both along on our trip to California but the little guy is just so portable it may see more action, especially in the mouse house and places like that.

Oh yeah Tom booked the flights today SQUEEEEEE!!  Two more months to get through and I get THREE WEEKS OFF WORK! In, like a ROW.  THREE FREAKIN’ SWEET WEEKS!! I’ve never taken that much time off before to just relax!

Ok, down girl.. back to the pond.

Why do you build me up

It’s a pretty area and wasn’t super busy again. The nearby field was hoppin’ with a soccer game, but the walk-ways were quiet with just a few others wandering around with cameras or walking their dogs.


Being dandelion season, it spurred the annual “let’s take macros of the fuzzy white things.”

Allergies in a cute fuzzy package

I was saying to Tom last night, I remember my Dad having fits when after fighting the scourge of Dandelions in our own yard (with poisons, digging etc) I would oh so casually bring the fluffy buggers onto the property from the neighbourhood, make wishes all over the front lawn and would be all like “whut?!”

I have to say though, there is something appealing about them when they are in this fluffy state, though the fact I’m not allergic and don’t have to fight them on my own lawn may have more to do with it.

Fuzzy end of the lolly pop

Fly little suckers fly!


It was pretty warm too and surprisingly humid. Had it not been for the slight breeze and the shade the trees in the park brought to the table it would have felt a lot hotter.  In preparation, we smothered ourselves with sunblock. I tell ya, we’re always some of the palest people out there, but I’m starting to appreciate the lack of wrinkles and I can live with the “don’t you ever get outside” comments. Yeah you’ll regret your suntan one day Magda!

Grins a la fromage

Though there were no baby ducks, we did see a mallard convention in the creek. Gotta love a nice lazy Sunday.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Cougar Creek on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod


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