Fly Me Away

I mentioned yesterday that Tom had booked our plane tickets for California, this means… yes the annual reprise of “Tom’s vacation Spreadsheet”

Annual vacation spreadsheet

See! There he is! Working on it !

The Purrsnickity Inn has two spots reserved (literally because Cinny turns into the call from hell when she’s boarded).. oh hai BTW, Nutmeg and Cinny are Internet famous as the lovely Lori, Proprietress of Purrsnickity Inn put them in her gallery of satisfied catstomers (heh geddit?). That’s them in the fifth row far right.. Cinny is the one with her mouth open and Nutter is passed out.. nothing new there folks. Nice place, totally recommend if you’re in the area and need a place to board your cats, nicer than some hotels and it has AIR!

Anywho, the spreadsheet now contains the deets for the flights, the accommodations, the cat’s jail.. er boarding and the rental car.  After the last rental car company trying to get us to jam four suitcases and two rolling laptop bags (geeks!) into a convertible Chrysler Sebring (dude! no trucks space! Umm hello we’re travelling we have bags!) which turned into a Nissan Altima (nice car, Tom hates the accelerator pedal) we decided to go up a notch to a large car (Impala or similar they call it) without going all the way up to the SUV/Van deal. I mean it’s only to transport us to/from the airport with bags, so, so-what if the kids have to carry bags on their laps for the drive… for them it’s a free trip! Right? Right? ;)

The plan is to pack light (the resort has in-suite laundry, it’s a two bedroom condo suite) and then SHOP!! I may throw a little duffle bag in for any extra buys that won’t fit in the case. I mean come on!? US stores! Macy’s! Ross! Belinda has to feed her monkey!

We’ll have to figure out when we will hit up the various touristy spots, without having to stick to too rigid a schedule. Weather, how we feel etc will factor into when we go when. We’re going to go to the mouse house of course and Magic Mountain and I want to get to Laguna Beach for sure to wander the artsy shops (don’t get me started on the Chuck Jones rough sketches Tom talked me out of buying years ago!) and of COURSE we will have a meal or two at the In-n-Out yummm.

Wish the spreadsheet had the power to move time!

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2 Responses to Fly Me Away

  1. Tom says:

    Psssst…don’t forget Burlington Coat Factory, and of course…BEVVVVVMO!!!!!

  2. americanuck says:

    OMG How could I have forgotten the Burlington Coat Factory?!?!? I am still upset I couldn’t find another square inch to stuff in the REALLY CUTE Anne Klein coat in San Jose! :(

    This time I’m coming with room baby!

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