Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

I’ve been pretty much absent from these parts lately, life has been a touch crazy to say the least.

Mum, who had a hip break several months back was released from care and subsequently went back to the hospital three days later. She really was not equipped to cope at home. I have no idea why she was deemed fit to take care of herself with a little assistance and I have a long ranting post in me on that subject that may make it’s way here one of these days but right now I just can’t bring myself to do it. Simply too exhausting. Now it sounds like they are considering residential care as an option and our entire family hope that is truly the case this time because everyone is worried our small family here and all her relatives back home. I really think she would thrive there, she had enjoyed it at the interim care facility making friends and being the unofficial welcome wagon.

I’ve been worried about Chris and this “thing” on his arm, a little round growth that popped up on his forearm he’s not even sure when. He was seen by the Dermatologist the other day and the guy didn’t seem too worried but since Chris had asked me what I thought it may be around six weeks ago and I said maybe a wart but go see the doctor…instead he tried blasting it with those freezing wart removal thingies and it changed colour from skin colour to reddish. Doc said he wants it to go back to where it was before they consider removing it and doing any tests. Strange artificial colour apparently can skew the results so we have to wait to go back. He said not to worry too much its probably a mole with no colour but hey, I’m a Mom that is what we do.

And then there is me. I’ve just about lost my mind a few times with all the fun and games in my life and now I have chronic diarrhea. It is so bad in fact that I cannot eat ANYTHING without it within.. oh say 15 to 30 minutes later deciding to make a hasty exit. Now I had read that this is a side-effect of a gallbladder removal but holy hell I didn’t realize it could be THAT BAD. I mean I couldn’t have breakfast out and go shopping in Bellingham without having to leave  Ross early (DAMMIT only one washroom with a line-up there!!) drive to the mall across the street and make the ten thousand yard “OH COULD THE BATHROOM BE ANY FURTHER AWAY” dash to the mall facilities. Now I must make an aside here… I am NOT  a person who likes to crap in public washrooms.  That was TORTURE people! But yanno desperate times and all that. Hell I didn’t even make it through “Angels and Demons” the other day. Movie theatre runs was the straw that broke this camels back. I made my own doctor’s appointment cos dude there is not enough Imodium in the world that could help me. I was already eating healthy, I mean lettuce for goodness sake was rampaging through me.

So I’ve been given a prescription to Cholestyramine which is ironically actually for lowering cholesterol (which I don’t need, mine is freakishly low already) but apparently does the trick to stop the runs. It is a powder that you dissolve in water or other fluid (non-carbonated) and sip. It is HORRID, but if it helps I don’t care how chalky and gross it is.  Honestly though I don’t regret the gallbladder removal one bit despite this rather gross and uncomfortable side-effect, the pain I experienced was infinitely worse. The Doc said it could resolve itself in time as the body adjusts to life without the GB.


It hasn’t been all doom and gloom though.

One of Tom’s friends came through for him and brought him back some of his favourite bourbon from the States when he came back from vacation and he’s officially now my hero to make Tom that happy. Needless to say it’s been a while since hes had any… look at that smile!


We also finally got around to having poor Sean’s Birthday dinner… only a month late so not too bad. At least he did get his gift on time.

Sean's Birthday Dinner

Sean's Birthday Dinner

I do love my Boys, all of them. We always have such a good time when we get a chance to go out as a family. Everyone is a good conversationalist and funny as hell.

Chris was trying to describe to me his “crazy” look, the one he pulls on his friends at work. Of course trying to demo it for me and my camera Chris had a hard time composing himself.. it was a whole lot of THIS:

Sean's Birthday Dinner

Before he could finally pull a THIS:
Sean's Birthday Dinner

Just viewing that picture on my itty-bitty camera screen had me in stitches for about five minutes. Okay you had to be there.. but trust me it was FUNNY. I needed that laugh.

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