Escape the Nest

We watched a little bird couple building a nest on a post in the visitors parking area of our underground garage. I’d been keeping my eye out for the babies for ages but had seen nary a beak or feather sticking out of it. Plenty of back and forth parental action though. We were driving into the garage after visiting my Mother at the hospital and I caught some movement. I hopped out of the car while Tom went to go park it and lo and behold thar be babies!

I swear the babies are as big as Ma and Pa. Maybe they stay hidden in the nest until they are too big and pop out? While I was filming one of the parental units kept a wary eye on me and the other flew around my head cheeping out a warning. In my old place a bird couple would nest in a vent by my front door and those guys meant business, I would run to the door with keys in my hand to avoid the inevitable onslaught of swooping, diving, screeching and yes, hair pulling. This time, no hair loss..and the babies were pretty darn cute.

Garage Babies

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