Whine and Dine

Tom and I decided to take advantage of a night off together, and a night of just the two of us and did a dinner out. This was welcome as I’ve been in a funk lately and it was NICE having something to look forward to that night. I was in the mood for something yummy and after voicing that Tom suggested Red Robin (home of THIS)


Yes my all time favourite chicken sandwich EVAR, the California Chicken Burger. I said to Tom they should put guacamole on everything, yummmm.

Tom had his usual Cheeseburger but he rotates the type of cheese…

Ok yes we’re boring creatures of chain restaurant habit, go ahead and judge me I’m ok with that.


I was trying to take pictures without the flash. Tom has this habit of posing then at the last second moving (see picture above) which ends up giving me blurry-ass pictures. I was giving him a hard time about that and telling him to sit still I got this..hehe.


After dinner we head over to the nearby Costco, normally we can’t get out of there without a buggy full of crap but we managed to keep it to right around, oh, a quarter buggy full of crap. No seriously, all usable stuff. I needed to load up on my PJ tank tops. They didn’t have the same brand this time (I hate that about Costco) but had some Calvin Klein ones that seem to be pretty close. I have taken a page from Tom’s book and I buy more of something I like and put it away cos for sure if I like something dadgummit it will end up a one time deal. Tom picked up some lighter lounger type PJ pants so he doesn’t end up sweating all summer long in sweatpants to hang ’round the house in. I also picked up a book I plan on taking on the plane with me, see how that goes if I can hang on that long without reading it.

After getting home we had a nice relaxing evening, I forced him to watch the movie French Kiss and had a drinkie or two.  Nice way to cap a Tuesday I say.

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