For the Record

After we bought the big screen TV we decided it was worth putting out the extra money and getting HD cable, a few premium channels and a PVR. Worth the investment in our opinion being homebodies who watch a LOT of TV.  Movie Central was one of my faves in the premium channel offering as it would carry certain shows in Canada the same time as the US get them (like Dexter which Sean and I love love love) and also carry movies sooner without having to pay extra for the “on demand” movies. We generally buy a movie to add it to our collection if we deem it DVD worthy, if not, meh it was only a few hours lost out of our lives.

A few weeks ago while surfing through the onset guide I saw Shrek the Third was on. We’d heard the mixed reviews and wanted to make a judgment call ourselves before buying the DVD so this was perfect, only it was about half way through. One of the features of the PVR is you can click on the item and search for future viewings of the show which I did and then set the PVR to record it the next time it was scheduled to run. We’d done that with a few other movies/shows which were in a queue waiting for us to watch them.  With Tom either working late or working really early it wasn’t possible to coordinate a night to sit down and watch the movies where the Boys were here too and we knew there were a few that at least Sean would want to see.

Last night all the stars aligned, Tom had worked his last morning shift for a few days, Sean was here and we had nothing to watch so we pulled up the ol’ PVR queue Sean, Tom and I settled down to watch Shrek the Third. The credits start to roll and … eh? What’s that? Tom Green? Tom Green is in Shrek the Third? We see the title Shred and look at each other thinking maybe this is some kind of joke that leads into the movie? Play on words?

Tom fast-forwards and HELLO! We see snowboarding! Drinking! Boobage! Ok this is no Shrek the Third! We all started to LAUGH helplessly as the movie sped by still with “Shrek the Third” as the title on the screen. I had to get a shot of the TV to capture the banner along with a more “PG 13” moment in the movie….

Um PVR... this is no Shrek the Third.....

… along with a staged reaction shot from Tom….


Can you imagine if someone had recorded this for their little kids, started up the PVR and walked out of the room without checking? I would be maaaa-aaad. Still, in our case no little kids were scarred and we ended up watching Kevin Smith’s “Zack and Miri make a Porno” instead which the PVR got right. I was expecting a Disney Cartoon.

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