Dirty Hands Dirty Face

So today was another busy day packing up my Mom’s place, I mean I was a machine! I have rooted through every single cupboard and drawer and sorted through every single blasted piece of paper in that place. Apart from a couple of VERY old and rather gooey (eep) potatoes well on their way to becoming a science experiment I’m happy to say no giant spiders or any other horror was lurking in wait.

I have sorted out the stuff that would fall under “personal effects” that can go with, stuff that had been sitting in closets since her last move (and she just never got around to getting rid of) and stuff that she won’t need any more (kitchen stuff and the like). I even got to emptying her kitchen cupboards and china cabinet wrapping up her china in a slew of newspapers I had procured for the purpose. I was a hot sweaty mess.

I know at some point I had been wiping my brow to stop the sweat from dripping in my eyes (did I say it has been HOT here? in the high 80’s no less and her place has been a closed up oven for weeks) and I guess I had forgotten about the newsprint on my hands… this is what I looked like…

Ok not me but..

Okay so that isn’t really me and ever so slightly exaggerated but I didn’t get a picture of myself as I only noticed as I was jumping in the shower but trust me it was bad! I walked past the cleaning woman in my Mom’s building, drove for half an hour with people looking in my car,  past several people in our parking garage AND someone in OUR lobby and not one person told me that I had a giant smear of newsprint from forehead to chin on one side of my face. Sure the people in their cars couldn’t but the rest of them?

I am SO earning my vacation relaxation if I haven’t already!

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