Eek a Mouse! (day three – a visit to the mouse house)


We had finally made it back! The last time we were all there (2002) this is what the guys looked like..
tom and boys Disney 2002

and now….

Yeah Tom got a little shorter. Amazing what old age will do to ya.. heh. I keed I keed!

We made an early start of it and for the first few hours the crowds were actually pretty good. We went straight to the Indiana Jones ride (my personal fave) and we waited maybe 15 minutes in the standby line, granted a LONG 15 minutes with the previously mentioned annoying guy behind us. The ride though was awesome as usual and even better, he wasn’t ON our car.

Our strategy was to hit up as many of the popular rides as possible before the crowds thickened. It paid off because for most of the day the longest wait we had was 20 mins. Splash mountain was a gas as usual. The boys refused to sit up front this time… Tom and I volunteered but the way it worked out we were in the middle with another couple in front of us. Still got royally soaked from the waist down anyway.

We're cheap ok? Photo of our splash mountain photo

We took pictures of the ride photo snapped. Tom has a really good point, with the number of people who are digital these days and who wants to carry around a large printed picture of themselves? They should offer the digital pic to DL to your memory card or for that matter upload em for a while to the web, assign them a URL for a certain amount of time and allow you to DL the pic for a price. I would certainly be willing to pay a buck or two for that right. Meh. People saw us doing it and did the same thing.

We grabbed an expensive Disney lunch before noon (again to beat the crowds)

…then headed back out to hit more rides like Star Tours, Matterhorn and the Honey I Shrunk the audience 3d show (always cute and a nice air conditioned break!) As the day progressed the crowds did indeed thicken and the waits started to get longer and we started to get hotter and more tired.

While we were walking around we ran into various Disney characters… I proceeded to crush their heads

I crush Pooh's head

Uh oh I think he spotted me…damn! Run, run away!


Yeah, I know weird right?

Anyway back to the rides, a long time ago Tom told me how he had been denied the Dumbo ride as a kid… awwwww so I made him ride it (and made Sean go with him so he didn’t look like some weird guy riding an elephant by himself.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Little Tommy is finally tall enough f…“, posted with vodpod

Say it with me… awwwwwwwww.
Our last ride of the day was Space Mountain and it was a longggggggg wait, I suppose it felt that way mostly because we were standing in the direct sun winding our way slowwwwly through the ropes.

The posted time was 50 mins but I’m sure it was longer than that. Still, its a good ride and though it goes by too quickly is always lots of fun. That is how I like my coasters… in the dark! I love the feeling of them I just hate heights so if I dunno what I’m about to face it works GREAT!

Picture of space mountain picture

By then we were hot and tired and THIRSTY. We had drunk plenty of water that day that is for sure but it never felt like enough. Before we left the park  though we did a little bit of shopping… Chris got himself a fedora with little skulls on it…


I got a Minnie Mouse watch with a PINK! strap (to add to my collection of Disney watches, most of which need a new battery ooops)


and the cutest little Mikey-hippie cap..


Chris says that because this is a military style the peace sign doesn’t really make sense…. I told him to shush, it fit my giant head (mostly) unlike most hats and I think it suits me, so there!

We ended up at Red Robin for dinner. I had two drink refills before I ate anything, I crushed Sean’s head there too (while he tried to get me back but HA no camera boy):


We had bought the “Park Hopper” tickets which give you access to both parks over two separate days so we still had one more day of Disney fun ahead of us… we decided to mix it up a little by throwing a little Magic Mountain in between so that was on the agenda for the next day. Until then, it was back to the resort for a little more relaxing and to bed for another early start. Geez there was a lot of getting up early on this vacation!

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