You Spin Me Round (like a record – day four – Six Flags Magic Mountain)

Coasters, big ones, scary ones, twisty ones, ones that this chick just does not do. When did I become such a chickenshit? Beats me. I used to be all about the thrill-rides, now I’m afraid that Disney is more my speed.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

So sometimes you do stuff for the kids, and the kid at heart and go along as the crap holder. That was my job most of the day, sunscreen holder, holder of loose glasses and hats etc while the boys (all three of them) went on the screamy, twisty, bumpy, scary rides.

There was always the Joker juice. Sounds gross but it’s a lemonade slush drink that kept me alive the last time we were at Magic Mountain and is quite tasty.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

It was HOT at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Dry heat and the kids felt the difference right away. It wasn’t melt your shoes kind of heat (that was last time!) but it was sweaty gimme lots to drink hot that was for sure.

They headed over the the ‘older’ park section where the lines didn’t even exist, they pretty much walked on every ride. I tried my best to find places I could stand and try to look for them as they whizzed by and sometimes I was lucky to spot them.



Other times I just had to guess and figure MAYBE they were on that run…

Six Flags Magic Mountain

So most of the time I made do with the pose outside the ride:
Six Flags Magic Mountain

This one….
My Supermen

wasn’t a walk-on right away ride. This one was first of all was up “heart attack hill” (coined by a lady who stood nearby with her family and was REFUSING to have to come back up it again mm mmmm mmmm!) They stood in line (a lot of it apparently in air conditioning except the smelly holding place near the end) for 1 hours and 20 minutes for what is like a what? 30 second ride?

Six Flags Magic Mountain

I sat and sweated, looked pathetic and people watched. Oh and I reapplied my sunscreen MANY MANY TIMES but I still burned. Sweat-proof my ass!

Six Flags Magic Mountain

We grabbed an expensive Magic Mountain lunch this time…and sucked down a FROSTY COLD BOTTLE OF WATER. It was my new best friend and I all but frenched it.

My BEST FRIEND at Magic Mountain

Tom has his own way to show appreciation.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

The boys then decided that instead of trying to hit the ‘newer’ part of the park they would see what the lines were like back at their fave rides. Chris decided to sit out the last couple and hung with me instead and sure enough the wait times were still pretty decent.

We bought MORE water on the way out and made our way back to the parking lot. On our way back we passed the water slides and noticed this floatie up in the tree.
Hmmmm floatie in the tree ... wonder where the kid went?
You kind of wonder what happened to the kid who was trying to ride it down.

Dinner that night was the Red Lobstah (yum!) On the way to the car Tom wanted to catch a picture of all of us outside with the sign in the background (traditional restaurant behavior in our family). He stops in what he thinks is the ideal position and guesses (as he’s using my pink little pocket cam without the rotating screen).

At that particular moment I noticed that the guy who was parked in the parking space where we were standing had started his engine and this is my “Honeyyyyy the guy is about to back out” face.

Red Lobstah after Six Flags Magic Mountain

After we got out of his way he tried a couple more times ending in this…

Mount Rushmore style

Here we are doing our Mount Rushmore impression.

Yeah it wasn’t the most fun day for me (apart from the shrimpfestoramalamadingdong) but I still had a good time knowing they had a good time yanno?

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