Beach Baby (day five – Hermosa and more monkey feeding)

Our second to last full day in California we decreed to be a rest day. Rest from amusement parks anyway. Everyone had pretty much had their fill up to that point and wanted to get a chance to sleep in a bit. I was all for that as we needed to fit in a few hours of bargain shopping while we were down there. There were a few Burlington Coat Factory stores and Ross’ that needed poking through. I never like paying full price for anything though I will if I really need it (or feel it is worth it) but this girl is not one to pay a lot of money for clothes plain and simple. Perhaps a remnant of how I was raised?

So sleep in we did indeed and then Sean, Tom and yours truly set out for the day, Chris elected to lounge around the resort.

First on the list was to see if we could find cheap sunglasses at the beach vendors. We had great luck a few years back in Hermosa Beach where Tom had lived for a while, long before I met him so we headed there. Hermosa is not exactly what I would term a tourist mecca though I’m sure they get their share as any beach would, but it doesn’t have any giant hotel resorts or anything and it isn’t super crowded, its kind of more of a beach community.

It has the typical pier full of fishermen and those out for an afternoon stroll..

Fish heads
Hermosa Beach

The pretty skinny people posing and flirting…
Hermosa Beach
Hermosa Beach
Some pretty nicely groomed beaches too compared to what I’m used to here.

Oh yeah and some really pale tourists…

Hermosa Beach

We saw a few people using boogie boards and some surfing but the waves weren’t really that impressive here. Tom said it is probably more of a beginner surfing area compared to some of the more challenging surf at different beaches, still a pretty area though.

We struck out on the sunglasses though I did buy an overpriced sweatshirt (it is pretty darn nice however) and a cute hat, yes me the non-hat girl.. go figure! We had lunch in an “Irish” pub (as Irish as I am I’m sure) and then left to try our luck at the stores. Had some success but it took some persistence.

We had planned on going to Panda Express (one of Tom’s fave fast food places) but we ended up getting back to the resort too late so we just did another night of take-out pizza and relaxed instead.

The next day was designated California Adventure day (and some left over Disneyland) on the remaining “Park Hopper” tickets.

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