There was one aspect of the trip that I really wish I had properly documented by way of many MANY photos was the fancy car phenomenon. I kept saying I was going to do it but then when I finally remembered I got a couple of lousy photos just as the light was changing at one of the local intersections so not even worth posting.

See, in that neck of the woods it is more typical to see an intersection crammed with Mercedes, Lexus, Range Rover, BMW, Audi and more Bentleys than you can shake a stick at. This wasn’t at the resort, this was just driving up and down the streets of the “OC”,  more specifically the Newport Beach area. I’m not talking every few cars, I talking just about EVERY SINGLE CAR.

The resort we were staying at was across from the Pelican Hill Resort and Spa which it would seem at the CHEAPEST runs around $700.00 US dollars per night. The golf club there (where we went to buy a hat for Tom) had valet parking for gosh sakes. There was a car washing service and people opened the door for us at the pro shop. In the lot there (where we self parked thank you very much) were more fancy schmancy cars.

It wasn’t until we were on the highway to Disneyland did we start seeing more “normal” cars. I drive a Mazda 3, they are a dime a dozen in our parts but not so much down there.

The resort parking lot was a bit more of a cross-section though no real junkers there either. This wasn’t a cheap resort by any means but the more kids (or people in your family) the more ecomonical a place with two bedrooms/bathrooms and two pull-out couches will be, I mean this place would sleep 8 if you wanted it to.  As a result we saw a lot of family trucksters there hauling around their bazillion children along with plenty of newer rental cars. Man, I am so glad I stopped at two kids and that the two I do have are older. I was exhausted just watching those parents trying to wrangle their large groups of small children. I only had to wrangle one the first time at Disney and that was torture. I simply cannot imagine.

Its funny how vacation was only a couple of weeks ago but feels like it has been months. I supposed that comes from going back to work and being immersed in all that entails. On the bright side I have 3.5 weeks of vacation time left, though it will be most likely spent at home instead of in some kind of glamorous locale.  Oh well, crossing fingers for a nice Spring Break next year.

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