Critter Corner

I needed to stock up the wine rack so I took a drive to the local liquor store which JUST happens to be in a mall with a pet store. I mean it’s THERE right? I can’t NOT go there.

Ok, so I haunt this store on a regular basis so I can ooh, ah, coo and generally make a public spectacle of myself over cute baby animals. Truly.

I see the looks people give me while I’m shaking my head side to side speaking baby talk to the puppies “Aren’t you the cutest thing? Aren’t you? Woooowwowoowwwooooo” while simultaneously playing peek-a-boo. Baby animals lower my blood pressure and apparently my IQ.

Today was a complete puppyganza. There were oodles of them and not all those doodle-type dogs (no offense to people who like the doodle-y dogs) but a good mix of breeds.

I know there are controversies over buying animals from a pet store (though this one says they use small local ethical breeders) I’m not advocating it or anything but man, this is one place you can go to get a fix of baby animals that are super sociable (when they aren’t passed out from all the playing they do all day.)

So I squeal at the puppies in the window, smiling at the other people who are also standing there with soft expressions looking at the DARLING little babies sleeping in a pile. Even this really big tough looking guy who I wouldn’t have taken as being a softy was all mushed up and says to me, “who doesn’t love a sleeping puppy?” Who indeed.

I venture further into the store spending time passing making ksk ksk noises at the kittens out front who ignored me but for one who opened one eye and promptly closed it.

There are always more puppies in the back so I headed back there to continue my squealing when I passed a cage full of Ragdoll kittens. In the cage were three more traditionally Siamese marked and one who reached out and tapped me pleading with the sweetest blue eyes and a tiny meow to “GET HIM (her?) DOWN!” This little baby had Lynx Point Siamese markings just like my first cat Sage (and the stray cat we rescued and dubbed Stripey who now has a home.) Major soft spot for Lynx Points.
Seems JR. there had managed to get up to the highest perch in the cage but couldn’t quite figure out how to get down. Oh the pleading! He kept looking down realizing that it was REALLY FAR and pacing back and forth. His brothers/sisters were all sleeping at the next lowest level lined up side by side and taking up pretty much the entire thing. He couldn’t see that if he just moved to the other end of the platform there was an empty space.

So I got him to follow my finger and then went around and tapped the empty spot and he got it right away and jumped there and then down to the next step then on the ground. He then went for the litter box but OOOPS couldn’t contain as apparently he has a bit of the runs. He then paced back and forth worried probably thinking “ooh boy am I gonna get in truuuubbbaaallllll” and going into the litter box and staring at his mess on the blanket. No matter how hard you wish it kids you can’t make shit disappear.

I left little stinky alone with his mess for a while and peeked at the very active lot of puppies at the rear of the store. As I said a great mix of dogs. Funny though how what used to constitute a mutt is now a designer dog with all these cross-breeds with accompanying designer prices I might add. This is why when I get a dog I want to get a shelter dog but I can still admire the puppies right?

After I had my puppy fill I walked back to the cage where little stinky was still trying to put together a story to shift the blame to one of his siblings for the mess, sees me again and climbs up the cage almost half way before realizing that he’s up high again and again starts crying. Ok so he isn’t very smart but OH those blue eyes.

Took every single ounce of strength not to buy him right then and there and shove a puppy or two in my pockets to boot.

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