Poor Baby

The vet had cleared Cinny to come home so I went to pick her up after work yesterday. She was given her last shot of antibiotics and when they brought her out in her carrier to the front where I was waiting she lit up like a Christmas tree.


Both the assistants were saying how much they were going to miss her and her talkative ways. She has a way of wrapping pretty much anyone who loves cats anyways, around her little paw.

They had asked me if I had seen her yet since the surgery, I hadn’t because I didn’t want to upset her by visiting and leaving.  I wanted her to see me when she would be able to come home.  I didn’t get the full effect of what she looked like until I got her home and out of the carrier but oh my gosh how heartbreaking it was to see the leg missing. It was really a shock to see it even though you know about it already yanno?

She basically “talked” (aka howled) the whole way home. She isn’t a fan of car rides, or being in an enclosure. I was glad to finally get home.

As soon as I got in the door I opened the carrier and she hopped out and immediately started her sniffing around. That is when I got the full effect of the leg being gone. The area being shaved of course makes it look more startling but ohhhh my heart it broke just a little more.

Poor Cinny is now a tripod

I tell ya it hasn’t stopped her, though she does hesitate just a little bit before she jumps as she’s got to find her balance. It will take some getting used to I suppose and she may not be able to get up as high as she used to. We’re blocking access to some of her favourite high jumpy places for now. She’s able to get up on our knees, the couch and the bed fine though. In fact that was the first place she curled up to sleep… my pillow….

Princess Cinny

How could I kick her off? Look at that poor little thing?

Nutmeg was NOT impressed with her at all. She smelled like the “V” word a little too much.  Today he’s let her get within maybe a foot of her without hissing but wouldn’t let her cuddle with him when she tried to sleep with him on the footstool.  Baby steps.

We’re glad to have her home and boy she’s glad to be home.

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