Heavy Metal

One of my earliest memories was this car, the one my Dad is leaning on. I loved that car. I remember it had white (or yellow with all the tobacco stains) roof with teeny tiny holes in the material. I also remember it wasn’t really made for car seats. They weren’t the law back then but to save Mother’s from having to hold their child all the time once they were too big for the car beds they would throw in the back seat, they made car seats that could be put over a bench seat. I remember it tore the heck out of the poor upholstery.

Obviously he still had it by the time I came around, long enough for me to remember it anyway. It had to be a mid to late 50’s model, Pontiac I believe… and it kind of looks like a Laurentian which makes sense as he ending up trading it in for a  late 1960’s maybe (?) Laurentian (which I ALSO loved.)


I coveted that car, I would nag my dad all the time to give it to me when I was old enough to drive.  I think he said yes just to get me to shut up. By the time that came around it was a rusting heap in our back lane parking spot and replaced by a used Mercury Montego that he hated and got even worse mileage than the older Pontiac. My ex took the horn out of the car before one of our neighbours hauled it away for parts. He put it in his Nissan to replace that sad little Japanese car ‘meep’ with a bad ass American car HONK. It was funny to watch people’s reactions when he used it. They’d look for the bigger car.

When I knew him anyway, cars were never more than a conveyance to get from point A to point B. He didn’t look at them for the pure aesthetics. Me? I freaking LOVE cars. I would be hovering around the Hot Wheels section of the toy dept all the time and Daddy bought me my first toy car much to my Mom’s chagrin. There is nothing that will turn my head faster than a hot classic car going by, especially American heavy metal… one that growls.

I swear if we ever became insanely wealthy I would turn into Jay Leno.

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2 Responses to Heavy Metal

  1. Tom says:

    My dad was the opposite…he constantly wanted cool, speedy cars, but reality (and my mom, the voice of reason) would usually force his hand.

  2. americanuck says:

    I KNOW I would have loved your Dad.

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