Yeah I’m going through bloggy avoidance again which is stupid because really this is just my diary. The reason I started it in the first place was to keep a record of what is going on in my life but life just seems too overwhelming to “write” down. I think putting fingers to keys while it is happening just makes all the crap too real.

Things with my Mom are still kind of up in the air. We’ve got her a spot in assisted living which is great but she’s not yet in a good enough physical state to actually move in. I took the leap and gave notice on her place the minute I had it confirmed she had the suite (in a REALLY nice place that I wouldn’t mind living in myself) but I was still all nervous about doing it. Why? Not sure. Maybe it means another clock has started and I have a limited time to get her old place cleared out. Yeah that’s probably it. Truly though, the new place is awesome. It has a bistro where they keep coffee, tea or hot chocolate going all day, a movie room, a hair salon, games room, library, activities, crafts, even a pool table.

On top of that she is still falling on occasion either getting out of her wheelchair or into it (forgetting to set the brake properly first) and that’s stressing me out, though she hasn’t hurt herself badly. Everyone I’ve talked to said that falls still happen no matter where a senior is, the point is getting them in a place that can get them help right away if they are prone to it and other health issues. I can see that because she’s not listening to what the nurses tell her and tries to do stuff she isn’t supposed to.

Oh yeah and the wheelchair? The one that the ‘experts’ who measured her and wrote up her requirements for. The one that cost over 3 grand? Now there is some person at the convalescent care who keeps saying she needs a different kind of cushion than she has. It was HER colleague (heck it may have even been HER I will have to check the paperwork) who ordered the one she has saying she needed that one. I mean the cushion alone cost 800 as it was to avoid compression sores for sitting for long periods of time. They ordered it we just paid for it. I am so frustrated with these people because they all had different opinions and make you feel like you’ve done the wrong thing and YOU don’t care to be helpful. She is supposed to be calling me my Mother said to tell me that I should get her a different one (mind you no specifics have been given). I’m going to ask her if she intends on buying the other one back.

It’s like the walker. One PT said she needed one with two wheels, one said OH NO she’s not ready for wheels. So who are you supposed to believe?  There is always differing opinions and misinformation. I tell them not to talk to Mom and expect her to remember any important information and to talk directly to me but they don’t and then she forgets what they say and loses the papers they leave for her to give me.

The major project I had been working on for it seems like EVER launched in August. I’m still busy with trailing issues and have even started working on enhancements but the oppressive weight that had been pressing on my chest has been lifted a bit. I am still geeked out about the whole thing though and really proud of myself.

On the Cinny front things are going well. Cinnamon has adapted to three legs just about completely, though we do limit access to any high places. She’s nimble in jumping up on the couch, chairs and the bed but from time to time forgets that she doesn’t have the best balance and will lose her footing. We were warned that we will have to let her find her own way. She has this interesting little gait and she’s figured out if she sways her hip to the side a bit it puts her good leg in the middle of her body behind her and she’s a lot more stable.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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She does forget now and then and tries to lift a leg on the same side of her missing one (to lick it or whatever) and starts to tip over. It is also a bit funny and sad to see her trying to scratch her face or ear with her missing limb. You can see her hip bone wiggling away and her holding her head tilted with her eyes scrunched like she’s scratching it…. and oops nothing is happening. When I see it I call her over and try to scritch her ears myself.

She’s less clingy now than she was when she first came home, but is still “Daddy’s” girl..


Being Daddy’s girl she tries to push the envelope a little…


Hey… so like what are you readin’?


Yeah, so she got kicked off… but like a typical cat she found another place to relax.

yeah even an empty laundry hamper will do when there is a fuzzy blanket on the bottom
Man, do cats have the right attitude about relaxing. I could learn a thing or two.

Oh and she pulled out all her stitches. Not a one left when I took her in for her final check up with the Doc. BIG SHOCK.

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