A Day in the Life

Another busy “week off” pshhh whatever happened to vacation from work where I didn’t have THINGS  to do? Ah those were the days!

The first thing we needed to accomplish was the purchase of a new bed for Mum. Her new place (to be) is a studio in an assisted living facility and facts are facts a queen sized bed will not fit in there, even a full-size wouldn’t work if she wanted to have room to wheel around in her chair and fit some other type of seating SO new twin bed.

Sleep Country had a sale on and we found a nice bed with a firm edged mattress which supposedly will help her push off and get in her chair. The sales guy was very helpful telling us they can lower the frame to make it even easier. We liked the guy and talking amongst ourselves quickly agreed that we’d give him our business as well and finally take the leap to replace our old bed. We would be upgrading too, to KING -SIZED  BABY!

We had been spoiled on many of our trips with the extra sleep real estate in a king and we figured we would be more than willing to give up our side tables to get the bigger bed. We can donate them to Mum (as we are with a lot of other stuff for her place to save her money) but would still need a place to put our clocks and the like, so that meant we needed to get ourselves a headboard with some storage space.

We passed the MJM furniture (the place we bought our beloved couch and chair and a half) and saw a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man and HAD to stop and check it out.


As it turned out they had just the ticket, a bookcase headboard they would be able to customize to king for us. Perfect! The bed for my Mum is delivered on Thursday (so we shall be spending a bit of time over there as there is a three hour delivery window), ours arrives on Friday and the head board arrives Wednesday of next week. So excited for the new bed!

Another bit of shopping we did today. Tom got a look at a co-workers Ipod Touch and was intrigued. He talked about it a bit and started thinking about maybe putting it on his Xmas wish-list. I reminded him that his Birthday was just around the corner and HEY if he got it now I could get out of having to struggled over what to get him for a change. He never has his wish-list done early enough for his Birthday. It took a bit of pushing (not a WHOLE lot) but some, for him to agree. I found that the Future Shop in South Surrey had some of the 32 gig in stock (our local shop didn’t) and weren’t limited to one per customer (as was the Best Buy) so we headed early this afternoon to pick one up for him, and one for Chris to hold for Xmas (spoiled children).

Just before we headed out, we heard that a biplane had made a landing in a field near the highway but that it wasn’t impacting traffic flow. I made sure I had my camera at the ready and sure enough there it was. There were a few people standing around it but it didn’t appear any worse for wear or that anyone was hurt, strange to see though.


While we were out we grabbed a quick lunch at the Wendy’s out there..


Mmmm single with Cheese…

Once we got home Tom started playing with his new toy..can you tell he’s excited?



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3 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. Sue says:

    I’m jealous. My bff has a touch and I’ve wanted one ever since I had the chance to play with hers. Sounds like things are falling in line for your mum.

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve yet to load one single song on this thing…but I’ve found a whole bunch of cool apps, and for the time being I’m using it more as a PDA than a music player. The cool part is anywhere I can access wifi I’ve got a Skype phone!

  3. americanuck says:

    He’s barely put it down for two days LOL

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