I am Aware

Up until now October has meant (along with Halloween) the month to buy pink things. While I’m always open to pink things because seriously, I do have a thing for pink things, it was also the month I had my first screening mammogram. Here in British Columbia the screening mammography program is free to women 40+ and self referring, meaning no doctor visit is necessary to get an appointment you just need to meet the minimum age criteria and a few others. This isn’t for people with suspected breast cancer,  for those… get thee to a doctor right away. No, this is a screening program with the goal of early detection.

I’m 43 sliding towards 44 so I’m a bit late in getting started but I’m glad I made the time and did it. It doesn’t take long (first timers have to fill out a brief form) the whole experience was maybe 20 minutes total. Sure it isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, I mean mashing your boobies between a couple of panes of glass isn’t my idea of a good time but if it lessens the chances of me having undetected cancer? I am all for the squishing.

There isn’t any history of breast cancer in my family (that I am aware of) but there is plenty of cancer in general though most of it on my Father’s side. My Father died of cancer, my Mom is living with cancer, My Dad’s sister had cancer three times in different locations. I’ve had a few scares in my life already but thankfully everything has turned out to be benign. An old friend of mine lost her Mother to breast cancer two years ago and in her honour did the CIBC run for the cure (which I donated to), cancer research is something I’ve always believed in supporting with my donations.

So ladies make sure you feel your boobies on a regular basis,  if you are of that certain age get your screening mammogram and heck, if you’re like me, buy all the pink things in sight. Be a bra, support your boobs!

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2 Responses to I am Aware

  1. Sue says:

    Ahh another example of why we need universal health care here in the States. Too many women have no funds for mammograms.
    Your post is timely to me because I spent this past weekend in NYC with my boss who has just completed breast cancer treatment. We were there to cheer on a group of our co-workers who walked in the Avon walk (26 miles on Sat and 13 on Sun) in her name – as well as other loved ones. My Aunt (mom’s sis) and MIL both died of breast cancer. If I can get in shape I may walk with them next year!

  2. americanuck says:

    Awww awesome that you all did that. They have something here like that called the “weekend to end breast cancer”.

    You’re right, it is shocking to me that people’s health is put at risk. The system here isn’t perfect by any means but if you’re sick enough or needy enough you get treatment right away, just sometimes people who can wait may suffer now and then (like me and my gallbladder)but true to form as soon as it got that bad they got me in.

    I’m not expecting to hear anything bad with my mammogram but gosh my heart goes out to anyone suffering from cancer.

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