House and Home

Five years after we bought the place and we’re (I say we’re but it is more me directing Tom) putting up curtain rods…and yanno more stuff on the walls.

I have this thing, where if I don’t find exactly what I want I won’t get anything. Sometimes I don’t even know what I want I just know what I don’t like and … well same problem.

I finally decided that heck, if at least if we get some curtain rods I will be ready for when I find something because face it, we’re total procrastinaters and the curtains would sit in the closet for another two years waiting for the rods to go up. Both of us had time off this week so hey perfect!

It is nice having a man around, when I lived on my own I knew nothing of stud finders so most of my stuff over the years was most likely hanging off dry-wall by a wish and a prayer. Nothing ever FELL but that was most likely just good luck on my part. Tom was the cautious one, reigning me in when I wanted to hang something heavy on a wall that most likely had pipes (oops) and we have no idea of they are protected or if drilling into the wall would have me playing the little Dutch Boy.

Cinny was intrigued by all the goings on…

This is her idea of helpingIMG_9866

Me on the other hand? I know to stay out-of-the-way until I’m needed like to say if something is level or not or if yeah it isn’t perfect for whatever reason but I can live with it. So I just took pictures.


One of our trips across the line we picked up a couple of wall hanging thingies from Linens N things during their bankruptcy clear out. It was one of the few remaining items after the vultures had picked the bones clean but I really liked em.


Oh yeah, you can see the bookcase headboard we picked up in this shot kinda sorta…here is a better view. Ignore the messy bed with cats and the fact that the lamp wire is up in the air for some reason…the thing rocks though. Still smells a touch like stain and varnish in there but it is slowly fading. Shows it was certainly built for us though.

Ugh we really need to get rid of that awful mirrored closet door, first off the thing is so wrecked and second I HATE mirrored doors. Behind there is a great walk in closet though.

Here is a shot of the new ottoman thingie… Tom misses the smaller one we gave to my Mum and this one is higher than he likes so we’re on the look-out for a lower one for him. I like this one though and it adds storage, trays on the other side of the cushions as well as extra seating to boot.


We added to our DVD shelves, sadly already kind of full from all the DVDs we had piled up with no space! The goal is to replace them with the darker wood so right now they are kind of mix n match.


We had also picked up a new display cabinet to replace the bookshelf that we gave Mum for her place. It’s kind of a funky design which means a lot of putting together for poor Tom…



Will be nice when we’ve got everything we want and it is all put together. Will be like being in a new place!

Edited to add a pic of the final product. I still need to figure out what to put in there but for now I put the refugees from the old bookshelf that survived the purge.

New funky display thingie

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