Up Until Now

Yet another catch-up post, I really need to get back into posting regularly..lesseee…

Well I’m the Mom of a 22 freakin year old kid. When did that happen? Geez I swear it was five minutes ago he was just a toddler. Of course I am only getting younger by the day (hahem).. oh wait maybe that is just more immature by the day…


We’ve got to find a night that works for everyone to do the Family celebratory dinner-fest thing-a-ma-jig but one of these days. I fully expect it will be the Keg once again. All of the boys in this family choose the Keg. When it is my turn I’m gonna shake things up a little.

Miss Cinny Three Legs has adapted fully to being a tripod and is back to her devilish self. She does forget her affliction now and then which results in some funny/sad moments of skidding, falling over and stumbling but she recovers like a pro. The hair is near grown back, the line of demarcation in the fur is a lot less distinct and really nothing dulls her pretty.


What hasn’t changed is her being a total Daddy’s girl. Whenever possible she plants herself on Tom and he being the suck puts up with it. Even when in comes to her making herself at home on the laptop keys.. and typing for him.
Cinny loves to type

How hard is it to say no to this face though. She’s so cute when she’s quiet and relaxed. A state we don’t see often enough.


In other news my working from home days are over which is really too bad. I have to say the amount of work that I have cranked out in the last year or so I was home full-time was amazing and the level of concentration it affords is fantastic, but I don’t have a choice in the matter so I guess I’m back to the 9-5 (okay actually 7:30 – 3:00) grind of regular work days. Adding the commute back into the factor means I’m sticking to my actual shift hours these days. It is rather depressing to drive to and from the train to work in relative darkness I have to say. Will be glad when the days start on the getting longer routine.

My office is near the waterfront in downtown Vancouver otherwise known as Olympic nightmare central so the time leading up to February should be “interesting” to say the least. I did a bit of a walk-about to check out the new Trade and Convention Centre West building where the media of the world will be planting themselves for the lead up to and duration of the games. I remember when the pile drivers were driving us nuts back when they started the over water portion of this building. Looks to be pretty nice though.

Here it is the then shot (2006):IMG_1644

and now:Vancouver Convention Centre (the new West building)

It is still completely behind fences and guarded pretty well but I’m guessing it is fairly near completion Vancouver Convention Centre (the new West building)

Out in the water on a barge are Olympic Rings in Coal Harbour set up to mark the 100 days until the start of the games and are lit at night.

Vancouver Convention Centre (the new West building)

I’m not looking forward to the circus, especially having to commute and work in the middle of it all. The commuter rail I use will be one of the primary modes of transportation for those attending so needless to say I’m expecting it to be hard to get on/off the trains for a few weeks in Feb =(

The weather for practically the entire month of November has been nothing but rain, rain and more rain. The odd time that the sun peeked out was very welcome, especially when it provided some really pretty sunrises. Far be it from me to not take a photo or two of them. That little pocket cam I take with me everywhere sure comes in handy.

Vancouver sunrise


I’m done my Christmas shopping finally, though a few are in transit waiting to be delivered from the online portion of my shopping. I mean apart from one I may have to take back but that’s still up in the air. I am planning on starting the wrapping process this week and will have some pressies ready to go under the tree when it goes up next weekend. I prefer the look of a tree with presents underneath it don’t you? I am the kind of person that wants to rip the tree down as soon as the presents are gone from under it.

Tom has a weekend off so we’re just hanging out and relaxing. It is nice to not HAVE to do anything for a change. I could get used to this. Come on Lotto!

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