Christmas Balls

Kitchen disaster be-damned we went ahead with decorating for Xmas. I mean, the floor isn’t going to be fixed until after the new year and that really was the only thing that could stop us from setting up the tree.

Along with decorating the tree of course, we always decorate the cats.



Man they hate that.

Tom did his annual check of what Santa is packin’

The handover of Pervy Santa

And the inevitable traditional Santa peen (we are so immature)

The final product


And our family in front of tree pic wearing goofy hats….


Ready for presents now.

It would appear that booking a dinner for Xmas Eve is harder than we’d hoped SO looks like I will be doing a dinner here after all. I will be scrubbing down the kitchen once the de-humidifier goes however. Eating take-out is getting REALLY old, not to mention using paper and plastic to eat off/with.

As for other kitchen disaster would seem that although our cabinets are still not 100% dry (the noisy machine is still working away in there) we are not going to be getting new ones. They are replacing some of the kick-boards when they come in to drywall but that’s about it. Took three different people to come to that decision.  Whatever. All I can say is if there are problems later look out I’ma gonna be pissed.

We had our first snowfall of the winter today, not much in the way of accumulation but made for some dodgy driving conditions here and there. They’re calling for some significant snowfall starting tomorrow afternoon. Great. I so love driving in snow. NOT.

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