Puttin’ the tree away

Puttin’ the tree away

Originally uploaded by Americanuck

Cinny had to say goodbye for another year to her “salad” on January 1st. Of course once she realized that the big box had arrived she had to run around and chew on as many parts of the tree as she possibly could.

I am not sure why she likes the feeling of the prickly branches in her mouth but that is only one of Cinny’s mysteries.

Left up to her it would be Christmas all year round these parts. I was personally kind of happy to see the stuff go away because once the presents are gone the tree just kind of looks sad.

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One Response to Puttin’ the tree away

  1. Sue says:

    I agree! I love a tree and all of the trappings. But once we open the presents, I’m ready to see it all go away!

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