Time together

Last weekend, before all the madness that is the Olympics begins we decided to head across the border for a post-Xmas shopping trip cos we are not going NEAR it during the games. We opted to take our chances with a later start time for two reasons…laziness AND we wanted to have a brunch followed by dinner at Anthony’s rather than an super early breakfast and running out of ways to kill time to get to an hour where even a Linner makes sense yanno?

Despite a late start the line-up wasn’t horrible.  It was a ways past the duty-free store (I know unless you live here you have no point of reference but lets just say it’s about 45 mins from the Duty Free on a normal day).  Even with the heightened security the line moves pretty smoothly and we were on our way before we knew it.

We were both hungry and REALLY in need of a caffeine infusion so our first stop was the B’ham IHOP. We both elected to have the two egg quick breakfast which would keep us going but not fill us up so much that a early dinner would be too much.



After breakfast we hit up the shops. Ross had been letting us down recently but we had more luck. We did the usual rounds, the mall.. spending a wee bit longer than most in Macy’s and we both had ideas what to spend our Xmas present money from Tom’s Mum at Best Buy but both of us failed our missions. We did get to see this ultra cool *cough* truck in the parking lot. Umm WTF I thought that kind of painting went out with the vans of the 70’s?

Okay really?

Then it was time for…


I saw my camera was having some issues finding a good white balance with the rather orange-ish lighting so I started fiddling with it and to my amusement everything turned green. Tom played along and goofed around for me….



Dinner was WONDERFUL as always, I had the halibut and Tom had the halibut cheeks.



Cannot rave about that place enough.  After dinner we put on heavier coats and walked around the waterfront for some picture taking. Here’s Tom taking a picture of the statue. Despite what it looks like he is not urinating on that light fixture haha.


It wasn’t a perfectly clear night but the bay was calm and gave some nice reflections.

Bellingham Bay

Bellingham is a cool little town, we always enjoy going there.

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2 Responses to Time together

  1. Sue says:

    OK – I give up. What are halibut cheeks?

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