WELL. That was interesting.

The good news is we now have a floor again, the bad news was it took a LONG time to get it. Now that it is in I want to roll all over it and kiss it. Not that I would because if I did my husband would never kiss me on the mouth again. But yes, I am happy, sooooo soooo happy we have a floor.

Truth be told I was kind of getting used to seeing the cement in the entry way and that ugly lino that was hiding under the laminate in the kitchen. At least after the flood and the clean up we were able to use the dishwasher and the laundry, but because of the adventure of installation we’ve been without for over a week and a half. I will never ever take my dishwasher and laundry pair for granted again.

So what happened you ask? Well lets start with day one. The sub-contractor in charge of flooring called to arrange for the installation. At his estimate it would take two days, maybe three to install the flooring in pretty much every inch of our condo (minus the bathrooms). This meant we had to pack pretty much everything we own so it could be shoved from one place to another while they worked. You don’t realize how much shite you have until you have to box it up.

Office before

It also meant I had to burn three vacation days to basically sit around bored. Our insurance company would reimburse us for the hotel stay (our beds would be taken apart among everything else) so Tom booked a hotel across town, there is nothing decent locally.

The morning of the first day of install finally arrived and the four guys carried the wood in, leaving it in the common hallway (much to the  chagrin of the condo prez) and I went out to look at it. Hmmm, it kind of doesn’t look like what I had ordered. I figured maybe it was the light in the hallway or the plastic packaging that was maybe making it LOOK that way.

As they got to work ripping up the old floor and began laying the first few boards down, I quietly said to Tom “yanno, I don’t think that is the floor we picked…” he said he was thinking the same thing but we both agreed it actually looked nice and we were okay with it. He left for work and I kept trying to stay out of everyone’s way. I mentioned my thoughts that perhaps the floor wasn’t actually ‘OUR’ floor and the guy goes… um really? Hmm its your house and we want you to be happy. I assured him we were FINE with it but perhaps this was someone else’s order and if so would this be the right amount of floor? He didn’t seem concerned. They appeared to be doing a good job on the install though day one they broke part of Tom’s dresser while moving it. Sure it’s an Ikea dresser but hello, you don’t lift a dresser by the drawers!

Workers ripping up old floor

The underlay (heh Butt joints)

Old and New
Old vs. the new

They were supposed to work until 6:00 but the lead guy announced they were done for the day at around 3:30. Okayyyy… so you’ll be done tomorrow then? Oh yeah easily.

I locked up and headed for the hotel to hang out. It was actually a pretty nice place with a kitchen, living room separate bathroom etc and very very clean.  Best of all free wifi.

Kitchen in the hotel we're being put up in

Bedroom in the hotel

Living room at the hotel

I headed down to the Moxie’s downstairs and had dinner by myself. I always feel a wee bit lame in a restaurant by myself unless I have something to do (like read) or keep my hands busy. So I kept my hands busy holding this..

Yum bellini

Tom got off work ’round 10 and joined me for a glass of wine before bed. We had to be up and back at our place again to let the guys in before 9:00 am. I was up first and headed over, Tom followed behind and picked up some breakfast/coffee.

The guys were pretty much on time and got right back to work again.
By early afternoon I overheard one guy say to the other “Umm I think we’re going to be short wood…” WHAAAAT? My ears perked up. I go talk to the guy and he goes “well we’re not sure yet, the boss is on the way you can talk to him” I guess the boss gets paid to pass on the bad news.

He shows up and they’re all talking in low voices and he approaches us and sure enough, they are short about five boxes of wood. Even better it has to come from Calgary so they would have to come back next week. I said to him that I had mentioned to the installer guy that I was pretty sure it wasn’t our floor colour, I had looked up the colour on the flooring company’s website and maybe that is why they were short. He goes and makes a call and comes back saying that no we had the right floor it was the colour called ‘York’, the stock numbers matched. Maybe the sales guy showed me an older sample. Um. Yeah right. I’m thinking he’s blowing wind.

So they tidy up to leave for the day saying we’ll get a call to arrange for them to finish next week. Great, so still no washer/dryer or dishwasher. The living room, dining room, office, and both bedrooms were done leaving the main walk-in closet, half the kitchen and the laundry room/storage yet to be done…

Living room DONE

Master bedroom walk-in closet yet to be done

Walk-in closet not done

Once again I lock up and head to the hotel. The following day we could at least start to put some of our stuff back together including the beds so no more hotel.

They flooring company calls me on the weekend and we arrange for Tuesday (as Tom’s off so I don’t have to take any more vacation time for this.) The time rolls around and nobody shows up. Tom calls the company and they said “oh we had it down for Wednesday” Um NO. I even have the voicemail he left saying they were looking to come Tuesday. GRRRR.

Wednesday they show up with…. guess? Yep you got it, the WRONG WOOD. Or should I say the right wood, the wood we had ORIGINALLY ordered. “York”. The guys agreed, said they had thought it looked different too and put a call into the boss man. They had to convince them it was the wrong order. I KNEW they were snowing me when they said the wood they’d laid down was our order. WELL once again they had to put another order into Calgary and wait for it to arrive.

Friday, yes they would be back Friday. They finally finished Friday with not a moment to spare. Tom had to head to work. The guy broke the cover of our laundry room fluorescent light fixture. How? No idea. He told Tom to call they boss for reimbursement. Sigh.

During all of this Tom had booked the plumber to come back and install the dishwasher and hook the washer dryer back up. With all the delays and issues we had to cancel on the guy three times. We finally decided to NOT call him again until the damn floor was in. Hopefully he’s gonna be here Monday morning.

We still have THIS to deal with…

Dude, I want my wall back

It has been over a month since we heard from the Strata insurance. This isn’t an improvement folks, a wall is kind of part of the building. Tom called the property manager because our personal insurance project manager wanted to schedule a time to get in and paint the base boards. We had to explain to them we don’t have a wall to nail part of it to. That and the facing round the door was still missing. The property manager called back and said he’d get on with booking the drywall guy and maybe he can also fix the door frame. I mentioned the lower cabinets were supposed to be fixed too (the kicks and the bottom part under the sink.) Until that was all dealt with our insurance company’s PM can’t finish our jobs. Man I have HATED dealing with all this crap. All I can say though is MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PROPER INSURANCE to cover improvements to your home. We did and man am I grateful.

It will be nice to be able to put everything back where it belongs. Things are still a bit scattered round these parts but it is better.  Now we really really need to paint. The new fl00rs make the wall colour look even crappier than it did before… isn’t that always the way? We also need to get the couch cleaned. The floors make the couch look even dirtier. Darn cats and their lick stains.

Next up though is putting in a new stove and fridge in the kitchen and replacing the dining room set which was a Costco set we bought 5.5 years ago which is slowly falling apart. Well at least all the chairs are, it is gambling your safety to sit on them these days. The table looks a tad on the rough side but it is still okay. I just kind of hate it, so it’s going too. The building’s cleaning woman was interested in taking it. I mean it’s free so why not? It’s too bad Chris isn’t moving out on his own yet, this stuff would be fine for a guy starting out on his own. Ah well.

I think I found some contenders for the new table/chairs and some new end tables for the living room, I just need to drag Tom there and get a second opinion.  He says he doesn’t care what we put in as long as it holds his plate but even still…

And still I’ve yet to find curtains.

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