Counting Down, Looking Up

Yeah so although we are still not done with the flood floor fixin’  (we’re still waiting on the flooring company to come back and fix a bad cut that the baseboard didn’t cover) we DID take delivery of our new dining room set.

This necessitated a hurried booking of the got junk folks to pick up the old one. We tried to find it a good home with the help of the building’s cleaning lady but no takers. The table had a few dings in it but still serviceable. The chairs were mostly beyond repair. Out of the 8 someone could have Frankensteined  3 or 4 but oh well. Maybe they will find it a new home. Thanks to the cleaning lady most of the stuff we were trying to get rid of was snapped up so not so bad to have to junk a few things.  One of the things snapped up was my old dresser/mirror combo and as a result most of my clothes are in storage bins until we get a chance to visit Ikea again. This makes getting dressed some fun cos I tend to just take whatever ends up near the top.

The new set is a darker wood and holy man it is HEAVY.  Tom was putting the table together after I got home yesterday and handed me one of the legs and wow, very impressive WEIGHTY which in furniture is a good thing.


It is simple, nothing fancy and perfect for us I think. So far the Server, table and bench seat are together but shoved into the corner. The 4 chairs will have to wait until Tom gets a chance through the busy Olympic period. No worries though we’ve got TV trays. Yeah as you can see we’re still dealing with a LOT of stuff in storage bins. One of these days we will be able to put it all back, probably in time to paint the place so we have to haul it all back out again. Heh.

I still haven’t found curtains I like but I saw a couple of contenders for rugs in the States so maybe on our way back from our trip to Oregon (shopping with no State sales tax wooo!)  in April we can stop by and pick one up. I found a few I like up here but they’re all pretty pricey and with the inevitable vomit comet or *shudder* the cats using it as toilet paper for a stuck butt nugget I can’t see spending many hundred of smackeroos yanno?

In other news the aforementioned Olympics are literally just around the corner. I took advantage of a break in the rain to have a walk-about to check out the downtown core and get a glimpse of the various building wraps promoting the games (and the various sponsors of course)


….as well as the countdown clock that I figured would say something other than 30 more days (oops). I see on the news they fixed that up.


I have to say though of the bigger wraps this one is my fave. Why? Just the flag no obvious product hawking.


But the best ones are the little flags and signs, the more home-made efforts I’ve seen in office windows and in stores around town. Sure they’re not always as fancy but there is more heart behind them. I’m a bit humbuggy about the crowds I suppose, especially if they make the commute a nightmare but the games themselves I appreciate. I don’t watch everything, not even close… but I do have my fave events I’m mostly about the skating.

From my office we’re a stone’s throw away from what is called the International Broadcast Centre for the moment more long-term the second of our two trade and convention centres. I was able to grab a granted very DISTANT shot of the barge rings with actual colour for a change. This was taken from the roof but even from my desk I can see them just peeking out over the grass-covered roof of the building.


Opening ceremony is tomorrow and along with it the real start of the crowds and I’m sure the excitement will be reaching fever pitch. I really hope that we can carry off a good and memorable (for all GOOD reasons) games.

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2 Responses to Counting Down, Looking Up

  1. Sue says:

    From what we can see – I’m really liking your city. It actually looks a lot like lower Manhattan.

  2. americanuck says:

    I’ve always like the somewhat relaxed vibe there is in Vancouver and that fact you can be in a very vibrant city and look out and see the water and the mountains. I forget sometimes how pretty it is until we have people from out of town talking about it. Of course there is the ugly side (the downtown east side) with the drugs etc which gets coverage in the media now and then but you won’t see on any official broadcast!

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