Worst Ever?

I am not a card carrying Olympic yay-sayer. In fact personally I didn’t want the games here and frankly kind of hate the crowds, BUT that being said I’m tired of hearing some of the International media picking on Canada…particularly the statements that Vancouver has hosted the worst Olympics ever.


Let us look back at a few memorable moments of Olympics past shall we kids?

Munich games:  Members of the Israeli team are kidnapped and murdered.

Atlanta games:  A bomb goes off  killing a spectator and injuring over 100 others and they blame the wrong guy ruining his life. Then the corporate sponsorship scandals and transportation nightmares.

Salt Lake City games:  Judging scandal where Jamie Salé and David Pelletier were initially robbed of the pairs gold (to receive a second Gold medal later) and other accusations of bribery and corruption.

Let’s not forget Hitler and his propaganda-fest illustrating the superiority of the Nordic race *cough* hiding the sewage that lay beneath the Berlin games.

Pretty much every single games have had something that went wrong (some obviously worse than others) get over it.

The death of the Luger was horrific and tragic and everyone here hates the fact he died and NOT for the negative publicity I mean shit he was younger than my SON and I cannot imagine the pain his family is in. After this they changed the course that had many thousands of runs prior to the games without incident and now some atheletes complain the course is too easy. WTF?

The cauldron and the erectile dysfunction was actually kind of amusing but hardly earth shattering and people saying that it didn’t compare to Beijing’s should remember that theirs didn’t either, but I think it was a rather good show in the end. The bitching about the outside cauldron behind a fence? Oh for cripes sake BOO-HOO!

Yeah it’s a warmer Winter and YES I kind of wonder why they picked the local mountains (which granted USUALLY have more snow in Feb) for some events, but El Niño is an unpredictable fella who I  love actually cos this is what is springing up at my office roof-top garden….in EFFING FEBRUARY!! LOVESIT!

Winter (Feb 17 2010) how daffy!

So London, I certainly hope you have one of those perfect games where nothing goes wrong, cos the world will be watching. To all those being such negative Nelly’s… from one Brit to another…(NSFW for language)

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