The Sounds of Silence


The weekend is once again upon us but getting there was not without challenges… or rather challenge cos holy man was the train busy going home today!   The full trains can make the tempers short and then you can tell the regular commuters from the happy Olympic visitors. Raised voices, sarcasm and all other levels of impoliteness.  Nobody likes being crammed like a sardine but geez people don’t piss on the visitor’s cornflakes most of them don’t know the ropes.

Over the last week I’ve been asked many, many questions about the train, the stops, “where do I go to get to the Canada Line, which stop is Stadium and what comes next”, those kinds of things. I’m always polite and try to be helpful when I can, hey it’s Canada we’re known for being friendly (or so I’ve been told by these same people and apparently I reaffirmed that.)

I try to remember that when I’m a tourist somewhere people probably resent me too like the one guy who commented on a video I took at Crystal Cove beach that I was going to ruin their secret surfing place (Duuuude it’s pretty well known on youtube already) by posting my vid.  So I try to squelch my tweaks  of resentment from being drawn out of the book I’m buried in on the train or my own thoughts when walking down the street and smile.

I’ve stayed well away from the center of things downtown, I figure I grabbed my pics while I could of stuff before it got busy.  I can look at Tom’s Olympic pics and see more of the action at night from where he’s been working from the comfort of this here couch.

Week one done of the madness and tonight it is chick flick night. Still need to figure out which movie I’m gonna break out though and snuggle up under my blankie and sip me some wine.

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